A Stuffed Twist Hair Styles by Arica Hart

Stuffed Twist Hair Styles by Arica Hart 

Ladies are a beautiful gift to the universe as well as men are also. Women can do so many things with their hair; ranging from, sew-ins, updos, braids, loose styles, stuffed twist, and bob hairstyles. They can change their unique style from day to day and still look fabulous, but there comes a time when a woman wants a styles she can keep a little longer than the average hairstyle she wears. Why not try some beautiful stuffed twist to rock around town.


This beautiful young lady is rocking a stuffed twist hair style by Arica Hart. She is ready for the work-force and the dinner scene! The style frames her face in just the right way with the alternating twist. It is breath-taking and refreshing to see the creativity in hairstyles. Rock your hairstyle! Rock Your Hair style!

Inveigle Magazine | Tone And Glamour


From Inveigle Magazine


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