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Welcome!  Want to Write for Inveigle Magazine? We appreciate your interest in writing for Inveigle Magazine. We are on the lookout for new contributors, but are selective in our choice of writers.

 Please review the following.
If, after doing so, you feel your work is a good fit for us please Email us, and we’ll respond in 7 to 10 days.

What We Don’t Publish
In order to avoid any conflict of interest, our contributors may not mention any products,  tool, or service they are in any way affiliated with. (If you currently work for, represent, or are receive incentives  for a product, tool, or service, you may not include it in your article.) Your article may include One (1) link back to content on your site to content that is relevant to the subject at hand.  (It may not point to your main URL, a product landing page, or to content that is behind a lead generator.)

 Your writing should demonstrate that you’re able to offer unique, factual, and quality writing on Fitness, Fashion, Relationships, or Health with sources (relevant links) if needed.

Submission for Guest post

Email us @

Include in the subject line: Guest post for Inveigle Magazine

Email us :
  •  Your name:
  •  A link to 2 articles you have written:
  • Company URL and/or Linkedin Profile URL
  • Topic you would like to write on (ex. Fitness, Fashion, Relationships, Health) and a brief description.
*Your article written for Inveigle magazine may not be published anywhere else. It can be shared or linked to, but not republished. We don't want the exact same article from somewhere else.


  • This site has the right to edit or reject submitted guest post.
  • Post that do not follow the guideline will not be published.

* If your article was selected, a link to the guest post will be emailed to you after it has been published.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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