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Arica Green
Arica Green | Arica G

Who Is The Founder Of Inveigle Magazine?

Arica Green (Arica G.) is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Inveigle Magazine. She has a degree in Business Management and Marketing. She created Inveigle Magazine to entice you towards positive change and increase your quality of life. With Arica's love for writing and informing the Universe about a variety of topics, Inveigle Magazine was born.

Arica is also one of the Authors of Inveigle Magazine. 

She is previously known as Arica Hart. In addition, She is the Founder of a hair and beauty blog called Styles by Arica Beauty Blog that use to be called Styles by Arica Hart.   

What Is Inveigle Magazine?

Lifestyle Magazine
Inveigle Magazine - Beauty Magazine

Inveigle Magazine is a premier lifestyle, fashion, and beauty magazine. 

What is InveigleMagazine.com 

Inveigle Magazine is an online publication bringing interesting content to the nation. The mission of Inveigle Magazine is to publish powerful and engaging editorial commentary from our writers' and editor's point-of-view. With its motivating messages, We cover Topics that entice others towards positive change and increase the quality of their life; meanwhile, keeping fit and fashionable. We have a variety of topics including Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, Hair, Love, Health, Food, and Social Science.  Inveigle Magazine has been named one of the Top Lifestyle Magazines

Join us and take a look around Inveigle Magazine

Lifestyle Magazine
Inveigle Magazine is an Online Lifestyle Magazine

How can I Be a part of Inveigle Magazine's Community?

Inveigle Magazine updates frequently; therefore, we have various ways for you to keep up-to-date with what's going on.

First, subscribe to our newsletter for an update on a variety of topics. Subscribe to Inveigle Magazine.

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What Topics Does Inveigle Magazine Talk About?


Trendy fashion styles
Trendy fashion styles


Makeup tips for women
Beauty tips for women

Types of exercises and benefits of exercise.
Hairstyles and Haircare tips
Inspiration to go for your dreams and goals in life.
Traveling on vacation, great wedding venues, and more.
 A variety of interesting health topics. (Everyone is different; therefore, check with physicians.)

A variety of fascinating Lifestyle topics.

Social Science

A variety of intriguing Social Science topics. 
Money & Career

Inveigle Magazine - Digital Media 

Who are Some Of The Authors on Inveigle Magazine?

Arica Hart

Arica Green  Founder
Inveigle Magazine |  Editor-in-chief
w: www.inveiglemagazine.com
e: inveiglemagazine@gmail.com
a: United States 
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Author: Arica Green

Gregory M Green

Gregory M. Green  Contributor
Inveigle Magazine | Author
w: www.inveiglemagazine.com
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Author: Gregory M. Green

Do You Have Contributors on Inveigle Magazine?

We also have various writers and experts in various occupations who contribute to Inveigle Magazine. Opinions expressed by Inveigle Magazine Contributors are their own.  

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