Saturday, July 7, 2018

T-Shirt Hacks | Transforming Old T-shirts into Trendy Fashion and more


Transforming T-shirts into Trendy Fashion

Why get rid of old t-shirts when there are so many things you can repurpose them into. You can transform old t-shirts into trendy fashion and many more creative things; meanwhile, having something useful and flattering at the corresponding time. Who doesn't need a cute bag to carry to the beach? Maybe even a bow for their adorable daughter! After-all you want to make your clothes look glamorous at all times.

 Changing old t-shirts into beautiful and useful items can have many benefits for you and your children. Children are always loosing their hair bows, but you hate to have to keep purchasing them. Well, take that old t-shirt in which you were going to throw out and create some beautiful little girl headbands and bows. Check out the variety of ways you can be creative with old t-shirts below.

Things to turn a t-shirt into:

  • A cute slouch bag for grocery shopping or the beach.
  • A kids apron
  • Kids cute hair-bows
  • Kids headbands
  • A dog toy
  • Another handbag - a larger version created a different way.

Check out this video with 6 old T-shirts hacks.

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