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Arica Green, (Arica G), founder of Inveigle Magazine
Arica Green. (Arica .G.) also formerly known as Arica Hart

About Arica G, Founder of Inveigle Magazine

Arica Green (Arica G.) is the Founder, Editor-in-chief, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and one of the authors of Inveigle Magazine. She has a  degree in business  Management and Marketing. She enjoys public speaking and networking. She created a premiere Lifestyle, Fashion, and Beauty Magazine called " Inveigle Magazine " to entice you towards positive change and increase the quality of life. With Arica's love for writing and informing the Universe about a variety of topics, Inveigle Magazine was born.

Arica Hart, Arica G., Inveigle Magazine. Arica Green
Arica Green (Arica G) - Founder of Inveigle Magazine

Inveigle Magazine Podcast 

Arica Green (Arica G) is the host of Inveigle Magazine Podcast. You can always read our articles and also listen to our Podcast to stay up to date.
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Styles by Arica Beauty Blog

Styles by Arica Beauty Blog, Arica Hart
Styles by Arica Beauty Blog

Arica is also the Founder of a hair and beauty blog called "Styles by Arica Beauty Blog" which has been featured on a variety of worldwide media publications. She is also a professional reader.

Professional Reader
Professional Reader 

Arica Hart, Arica G
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