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Arica Hart, Inveigle Magazine
Arica G. (A.G.) also known as Arica Hart

About Arica Hart, Founder of Inveigle Magazine

Arica Hart (Arica G.) is Founder, Editor-in-chief, and one of the authors of Inveigle Magazine. She has a  degree in business  Management and Marketing. She enjoys public speaking and networking. She created a premiere Lifestyle, Fashion and Beauty Magazine called " Inveigle Magazine " to entice you towards positive change and increase the quality of life. With Arica's love for writing and informing the Universe about a variety of topics, Inveigle Magazine was born.

Arica Hart, Arica G.
Arica Hart - Founder of Inveigle Magazine

Arica, is also Founder of a hair and beauty blog called "Styles by Arica Hart" that has been featured on a variety of world-wide media publications. She is also a professional reader.

Author - Arica Hart

Professional Reader
Professional Reader 

Arica Hart, Arica G
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