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Want to be Featured in Inveigle Magazine

Want to be featured in Inveigle Magazine? Inveigle Magazine has 5 categories that you, may apply to be featured in. Anyone is eligible to submit (Photographers, Models, Designers, Hair Stylists, Wardrobe Stylists, Makeup artists,  Bloggers,  etc.)

Featured Categories:

Women Fashion 
Men Fashion
Hair Styles

Apply to be Featured

 Please review the following.
If, after doing so, you feel you may be a good fit to be featured in Inveigle Magazine, please Email us the Submission Info Below, and we’ll respond in 7 to 10 days.

What We Don’t Publish
We do not publish offensive photos. We like to show creativity in fashion and hair styles.

Submission Information

Email us : 

Put 1 of the following Category in the subject line- *Featured Women Fashion  *Featured Men Fashion *Featured Designer * Featured Hair Styles *Featured Makeup *Featured Blogger

  1. Your Name :
  2. Title : Photographer, Model, Designer, Hair Stylist, Wardrobe Stylist, Makeup artist, Beauty blogger, Fashion Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Relationship blogger etc. ( If applies)
  3. Company/Organization Name(if applies) :
  4. Website URL:
Include one of the following URL that applies to you:
  • A Photographer- A URL to your Website
  • A Designer- A URL to your Website 
  • A Hairstylist- A URL to your Website 
  • Women or Men Fashion - A URL to your *Instagram Profile and/or a URL to your *Blog with pictures of you rocking your fashion style.
  • Women Hairstyles - A URL to your *Instagram Profile and/or a URL to your *Blog with pictures of you rocking your hair style.

Contact us

After you have been selected to be featured, you must send HIGH QUALITY PICTURES for Inveigle Magazine to choose from. The images must be owned by you. If they were taken by a professional photographer for you; you must include relevant credits with the image. Submitters must provide information (credits) regarding the entire team who worked on the submission.

*Team credits are essential for submissions. If for any reason a submission is published and a individual's credit is missing, the person who submitted the image is responsible.


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