Belleci Cosmetics Debuts Their version Of Mistake Proof Make-Up

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Belleci Cosmetics

Belleci Cosmetics

Just when you think the beauty industry couldn’t get any prettier, Belleci Cosmetics debuts their version of mistake-proof make-up with a multi-functional product that allows the consumer to highlight, contour, and create their own tinted- moisture in seconds with no application tools.

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Belleci Cosmetics

The former Oakland Raiderette and Benefit Cosmetics Make-up Artist eCommerce beauty line launched Friday, September 1st, with an introductory price point of $99 by Belleci Cosmetics

The system comes in four shades: 
  • Light, 
  • Medium, 
  • Medium Warm, 
  • and Dark 

The system includes a dual-ended Belleci stick and a mix-me jar. 

The product was created to allow the consumer to be in total control of their beauty, which means you can easily lighten and deepen your foundation anytime, anywhere without changing the undertone. The foundation is also an anti-aging product with plant-based stem cells, antioxidants, and Tremella Mushroom Extract which is a powerhouse for hydration. 


Meet The Needs Of all Ethnicities

Passionate about embracing women of all ethnicities, ages, and skin tones, Stephanie wanted to create a beauty line that would empower women to embrace their skin color and tone. “I’ve been working on the perfect color ratio for over ten years. This is how I created my four universal colors that meet the needs of women of all ethnicities.”

Stephanie said in her accompanying press release. “This foundation will never turn you too pink, too yellow, or too ashy. The product is so easy to use that you can adjust the color as many times as you want without changing the undertone of the foundation. The secret is the built-in color correctors in the Lighten It and Deepen It that will always adjust perfectly and keep your foundation neutral.
Makeup, Cosmetics, Inveigle Magazine
Make-up Artist Stephanie Belleci

A beauty expert of 28 years found several of her clientele foray into finding the perfect foundation to becoming greatly disappointed from the miss coloring and undertone each brand high or low produced. “To choose the perfect foundation you must make sure it blends into your skin as if it was your second set of skin. This is how it should look and how it should feel,” Stephanie explains.

Custom Foundation Makeup System 

Ground Breaking System

This groundbreaking system created at Allure Labs sold out on their Medium Warm kits immediately.  If you can’t get your hands on one: Stephanie says the kit will be part of her permanent collection, with additional products debuting in the summer of 2018. 

For those who live near the Alamo / Danville area, the kits will also be sold at Salon One 50 where Stephanie currently consults and custom blends all her in-house products. “Women should never have to settle when it comes to beauty and anything else in their life.”


Belleci Cosmetics

Foundation for Fair Skin Tone

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