Houseplant Decoration Trends

plant for home decor
Have a beautiful plant decoration in the living room

 Houseplant Decoration Trends 

People have been spending a lot of time at home lately, so no wonder that interior home decorations have become more trendy than ever. Of course, plants provide a spark of liveliness and freshness to any setting, so they have been on the top of home decoration trends for years. Besides aesthetics, greenery helps cope with mental health and purifies the air. There are numerous ideas on what to expect from 2022 in terms of indoor houseplant trends, so let’s discover what every green thumb will be craving this year.

Bulky Statement Plants

“Less is more” is no longer a rule. Stick to massive oversized plants – a perfect way to provide a jungle-like vibe to your living room. 

Trends continuing into 2022 are large, bold foliage plants such as crowd-pleasing Monsteras and Philodendrons. 

Old favorites like the Cast Iron plant or Majesty Palm are making a comeback for their hardiness and attractive appearance, as well as for being a large and in charge statement piece in homes and offices.

Pay special attention to the Strelitzia genus. 

Commonly known as Bird of Paradise, these plants will be everywhere this season, and you won’t be able to resist getting one yourself. 

Either Strelitzia reginae or Strelitzia nicolai will bring a tropical look to your dwelling just hanging around with their massive leaves. But when they come into bloom with their bird-like flowers, Strelitzias occupy all the attention. They can grow into towering trees indoors and are pretty hardy.

Strelitzia is a genus of five species of perennial plants

Plants with Vivid Colorful Leaves

If you are into fashion, you probably have noticed how minimalism and earth colors are losing their popularity in the latest collections.

Designers are now choosing vibrant, cheerful patterns and interesting color combos. Quarantine routine makes us crave something bright, so this trend is slowly occupying not only clothes but the minds of green thumbs as well.

You can choose plant species with

  •  naturally colorful or patterned foliage 
  • or stick to variegated cultivars of ordinary houseplants. 

For example, Calatheas, Marantas, Caladiums, and Begonias will be in the spotlight this year. 

These plants are a great accent themselves, but they will bring your indoor jungle to another level when matched with other green pets.

Intricate patterns on their leaves will add a pop of color and texture, resulting in the overall sophisticated look of any room.

Variegated leaves of numerous species have already gone viral on the web. 

You have definitely saved some ideas on your Pinterest, should it be

  • Variegated String of Hearts, 
  • Pothos, 
  • Rubber plant, 
  • or Peace Lily Domino. 

If you become a happy owner of variegated Monstera, you will kill two birds with one stone: it is both a colorful and oversized plant (with great chances of becoming the highlight of your social media).

variegated Monstera
Decorate your home with a variegated Monstera plant

Blooming Plants

Vibrant foliage is one method of adding color to your oasis. Talking about the other one, even the most modest-looking tiny greenery can splash with the spectacular blooming. Of course, flowering plants will not become less popular this year.

Hoyas, Begonias, and flowering succulents maintain their foothold in people’s homes because of their beautiful flowers and relative ease of care. 

  • These plants can be suspended from a hanging planter to give a wild feel to your indoor space or covered patio.

Also, pay attention to various species of Orchidaceae and Bromeliaceae families as they are among the most popular flowering plants now. 

  • Undemanding in terms of care, orchids can bloom over and over again, and the variety of shades provides an opportunity to mix the hue and textures of the bloom. 

Stick to the colors that will complement or contrast your interior. Moreover, it is always a joy to watch your beloved greenery bloom.

indoor hanging planters
Beautiful indoor hanging basket for plant

Carnivorous Plants

Let’s be honest, it’s unlikely that you will surprise anyone with a Snake plant or ZZ. 

As we are getting used to spending more time at home, we also become more skilled as plant parents. 

After you learn how to treat hardy plants, there comes a stage of thinking about something more exotic. So why don’t you get yourself a pet, but a green one?

Carnivorous plants are a mind-blowing wonder of Mother Nature. 

  • In the wild, they grow in unfertile soils poor in nutrients, so they have developed an ability to get the needed substances from digesting bugs and other small animals. 

Good news – you don’t need to fertilize them at all as they use substrates just to get the moisture. 

But yes, you will need to give them snacks or just let the plants “hunt” the bugs or mosquitos themselves. 

Available options for indoors include

If you are looking for an outdoor species, Pitcher Plant will suit you. And no, carnivorous plants won’t bite you (unless you provoke them).

House plant
House plant decoration can bring excitement to the view

Bold Accessories

Statement plants fancy statement planters. 

Do not be afraid to play with the colors, shapes, materials, and textures of the plant pots. 

  • Choose the colors which will highlight the foliage or bloom. 
  • Pots with patterns are also gaining more popularity than ever. 
  • The use of sustainable materials is another big trend in decor this year, so you might be willing to diversify your planter collection with a pair of wooden or straw pieces
Don’t hesitate to add some eccentric details. 

Decorative plant stakes adorned with mushrooms or wild creatures add a whimsical touch to a potted plant, while metal stakes with intricate designs can be used for a more polished, sophisticated look. 

Moss or coir poles add both fashion and function for climbing plants such as monsteras and pothos.  

planters for plants
Add fashion with the right planters for indoor plants

2022 is continuing to be a year when amateur horticulturists, plant hobbyists, and everyone in between can indulge in their plant obsession freely while adding style and elegance to their spaces. 

It is high time you used all your imagination and creativeness to bring your home jungle to a completely new level of coziness. Trends may change, but it appears people’s love and obsession for bringing nature into their home decor ideas and hearts is here to stay.

Author: Sofia Fantauzzo is a trained Botanist and Food Scientist with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. Her interest in botany came from one local flora and fauna class taken in Florida where a new, green world was uncovered before her eyes. Now, her goal is to spread the word about how plants work and why they are so important to life on Earth. Currently, she is working as a freelance botanist and writer at PlantIn to help people identify problems with their plants and what the possible solutions are. When she is not helping others with their plants she enjoys tending to the multitude of plants of her own, painting, and creating herbarium specimens from various plants found in the wild in her new habitat of North Carolina. 

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