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Stand Up Wallo 2018 Spring / Summer Fashion Collection For Men And Women


Spring / Summer Fashion Collection 

Wallo will introduce its new Spring/Summer 2018 collection for men and women, STAND UP Wallo 2018, at a runway presentation during Toronto Women’s Fashion Week (TW). TW is organized by Canada Fashion Group and directed by world renowned fashion producer Hans Koechling."

Marie-Andrée Wallot's newest collection has captured the essence of human intelligence and the colourful beauty of sensitive emotions. Let's talk about This Intriguing and Stunning Fashion line from Marie-Andrée Wallot, CEO and Chief Designer of Wallo! Here are the details from an interview with the company.

What intrigued or inspired this collection?

Travels, spirit of world's femininity and water. With each of my large-scale, hand-crafted pieces, numerized and finally printed on silk, I create unique works of art, inspired by the shores and seas of the world. Sprinkled with fluid lines that flow like water, intense and profound glances are flooded with shades of blue, azur and starry night blue. My newest collection has captured the essence of human intelligence and the colorful beauty of sensitive emotions.

With each and every one of her large-scale designs, initially, hand-drawn, painted and then digitally finalized before being printed on stretch silk charmeuse, I create unique pieces, inspired by the women who will wear them. My creations exude liveliness and intelligence, through refined styles and bright prints. Creation, for me, is a very intuitive process. I love the freedom of movement and spirit, lines that come alive and emotion in its purest state. That is, namely, why I draw a lot of faces. The faces of assertive, strong and beautiful women – the faces of my philosophy.

What is something you would want to tell the world about this fashion line?

I am proud to introduce this new silk collection for men and women, STAND UP Wallo 2018, for the spring-summer 2018 season, on October 3rd at the Toronto Women's Fashion Week.
The women's collection includes light and elegant cocktail dresses, vaporous silk scarves, a pareo dress as well as opaque and transparent silk pareos flowing with movement. For men, Wallo offers beautiful silk kimonos, high-performance polyester t-shirts, chic interior pants and highly stylish, but versatile, silk Bermudas.

Resolutely charming and intriguing, the faces and eyes depicted in the STAND UP Wallo collection mesmerize and radiate a sweet feeling of joyfulness and confidence.

I want to create a celebration of blue/blue in the spotlight/blue takes center stage

2018 will be strongly tinted with blue! Confident, soft and eternal, shades of blue evoke the sky and the sea in all their splendor, softness and natural power. My digital paintings reveal the faces of confident and gentle women, rich textures and several shades of deep blue, sand, purple and purplish-blue intertwined with night blacks, marble whites and neutral tones. From the Caribbean to the North Sea, the sun warms up and paints the sky and sea. These bluish paintings are electrified by bright yellow streaks and caressed by black brush strokes that accentuate the shapes and the piercing eyes.

Why should everyone wear this fashion line?

It depends on the event and how you like to express yourself.
Wallo clothes are bold and affirmative. For me, clothes could be a celebration of femininity, of the body in movement, of the freedom to be and to live. Fashion is all about expression.

To feel beautiful, you have to be comfortable. You have to be comfortable in your own body and in your clothes, but also in your ideas, your emotions and the expression of your creativity. It’s the woman, but also the women of the world, which inspire me. 

In North America and in the big cities, we wear so little color in everyday life! At home and at work, it’s almost always black, grey and neutrals. Sometimes, we need to put a little joy in our day and in other people’s by celebrating our uniqueness. Color allows us to do that!

 For me every Wallo design tells a story. For the love of womanhood. Feminine. Powerful. Alive.
Our clothing sculpts the woman's body and frees the movement, using colours and shapes to make the body dynamic, fluid and stylish. My approach of expression in contemporary arts defines itself to design a refined and unique look, reflecting women of today. I imagine a woman who is free, strong and expressive and who can be proud to assert her femininity, intelligence and determination in all her movements and gestures. I work along with my team to achieve all this with elegance.

Where can this fashion line be purchased?

We sell online and we deliver in North America. Our design can also be found in Quebec in different independent boutiques, and SIMONS distributed our Scarves last summer in their Canadian store chains. As a member of the CCMQ (Quebec Fashion Designer Council), we are present at the Montreal's Rockland center (Cabinet Éphémère). We search for new boutiques and for a North American distributor to sell our products.
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