7 Steps To Maintaining Beautiful Healthy Hair

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Steps in maintaining beautiful healthy hair

Maintaining Beautiful Healthy Hair

Have you ever seen a person with amazing, beautiful hair? It didn't appear to be dry or brittle! No matter the length of their hair, it was neat and tidy. The appearance was pleasing to the eyes. It seems as if they woke up on the cover of a magazine with a beautiful, healthy head of hair.

Well, that's not always the case. Sure some ladies are born with a healthy grain of luscious hair that would make any hairstyle look fabulous. The type of hair that we all wish we could achieve!  

There is a process Of maintaining that stunning hair; for example, a great hair care routine. Check out a few of these healthy hair care tips for the woman that wants to maintain a beautiful head of healthy tresses.

Healthy Hair Tips

1. Massage the scalp: 

Your hair needs the proper nutrition to grow healthy. Massaging the scalp increases blood circulation to carry the proper nutrition to the hair follicles.

2. Proper Nutrition:

Just as we have to eat a well-balanced diet in order to maintain a healthy heart, lungs, and other parts of the human anatomy; we must consume the proper nutrition for our hair to grow healthy and strong.

We need a variety of types of vitamins; such as,
  • Protein
  • Vitamin A
  • Biotin
  • Other Vitamins
According to U.S. News,
"Diet, particularly getting enough protein and iron, is vital to hair health. Stress can accelerate hair shedding, particularly in the shower. And a medical condition, such as a thyroid problem, could also cause hair issues."
Nutritious foods for hair growth
Nutritious foods for hair growth

If our bodies are lacking the right amount of nutrition, the hair may start to become brittle and began to break. It is best to eat a well-balanced meal with fruits & vegetables every day. If you are lacking the proper nutrition, talk to your doctor about the best vitamin supplements for your body. 

3. Condition the hair:

It is important to use a conditioner after shampooing your hair to help maintain the precise moisture in your tresses. Even if the shampoo says it's a conditioning shampoo, apply a conditioner after it. Your hair will love you for maintaining its health and began to thrive by producing a healthy head of hair.

4. Eliminate over-processing and heat damage:

There are many ways to over-process your beautiful locks of hair; such as, 

  •  Getting chemical treatments too often
  • Overlapping chemicals; such as relaxers, color, or others over already chemically treated hair

To protect your hair from heat damage, don't excessively use blow dryers or curling iron. Don't kill your hair with overuse of the blow dryer. They tend to dry the hair out if used too often causing hair breakage.

Flat iron
Eliminate over-processing your hair

5. Keep your ends trimmed:

Your hair tends to need to be trimmed to maintain a healthy head of hair. It helps keep your hairstyle looking neat; as well as keeps the hair from continuing to split up the hair shaft causing ball spots in the hair eventually if not trimmed.

Have you ever heard the analogy from older family and friends of pruning a plant to keep it growing? Well, trimming is doing the same thing. It's helping the hair to grow back instead of it continuing to break down to the root.

6. Sun Protection:

Protect the hair and scalp from UV Sun damage by wearing a hat when walking the strip at the beach, park, or just in the sun having fun.

hair care
Protecting the hair and scalp from sun damage

According to The Dermatologist,
"Sun protection is important for normal scalps as well as scalps with pattern hair loss. The greater the predisposition for pattern hair loss, the more important the need is for sun protection. It is a myth that hats make hair fall out and lead to baldness. On the contrary, a hat can help protect the scalp and hair from UV sun damage, which accelerates the thinning hair process." 

7. Wear a satin cap:

There are a variety of ways to protect your hair while sleep. You should tie your tresses up with a satin or silk cap or lay on a silk pillowcase when you retreat to the bedroom to prevent rubbing your hair's natural oils out and causing damage to your hair. Also, be sure not to put ponytail holders on too tight when wearing them.

If by chance you have already damaged your hair, see a stylist of your choice. They may recommend a protein treatment to help stop the breakage. Protein treatments must be used the right way because you can over-apply them. That's why a stylist is recommended if you are not familiar with them.

Now that you know some steps in maintaining beautiful healthy hair with these haircare tips, I recommend you enjoy your day while maintaining the strength and health of your hair. 

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