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Fashionable OKO Handbags Bringing You Style 

Have you ever looked for that special handbag to fit your needs and look stylish at the same time? You know we love to have class when we slip on our clothes and head out on that dinner date or concert with friends. Sometimes we are even asking our friend to hold this purse for a second. We need to have style with a smile! Take a look at some of these handbags by OKO Handbags.

OKOhandbags-Figaro convertible shoulder bag

Interview with Olga Kholodenko

Let's talk with Olga Kholodenko,  Designer of OKO Handbags:

1- Olga, what influenced you to design handbags and accessories?  I grew up in the former Soviet Union in the time of a total deficiency. Fashion wasn't an exception to it. I remember my mom having two purses: one for work/day and one for dressy occasions. It didn't feel right to me. Even then I believed that as a minimum there should be a bag for each occasion. So I experimented with many different materials creating colorful designs.

handbag, jewelry
Urban Chic medium Tote & Jewelry

I have always believed that the same dress will look different with each change of accessories. You could dress up or down a basic black dress with jewelry, scarves, and shoes; yet, the real deal-breaker, in my opinion, will always be a handbag.

The broad variety of materials and trims available now for handbag design get my creative juices flowing.
Hipster-Belt pouch
OKOhandbags-Hipster-Belt pouch

2- I am fascinated by your celebrity fold-over clutch. What inspired the design? Thank you so much for appreciating my work!
Since my main audience is active metropolitan women, I wanted to design a versatile day/night clutch that would complement outfits for a variety of occasions.

Black and beige colors "Celebrity" clutch can work well with office attire; as well as, casual or dressier evening wear. Round metal details on a wrist strap give this design a slightly edgier look. Those features make "Celebrity" clutch a perfect accessory for business trips.

Celebrity foldover clutch-collage
Celebrity foldover clutch-collage

3- I have seen a video that was talking about you making matching jewelry for the handbags. Is that for all the handbags or just some, and what made you come up with that brilliant idea? I would like to keep our planet as green as possible for generations to come. Unfortunately, the fashion industry has many environmentally unfriendly components to it. When I started designing bags I thought about manufacturing with the least amount of waste possible. At that point, upcycling came to my mind.

I always save all the leftover leather pieces from the bag manufacturing to use for jewelry making. That is why it is fairly easy to find matching jewelry and bags.

OKO Handbags & Jewelry
OKO Handbags & Jewelry

4- It has been a delight to talk with you about your creative designs!
Is there anything, in specific, you would like our amazing readers to know about OKO Handbags?  Thank you for this great opportunity to chat with you!
There is one very important feature of OKO Handbags I'd like to share with your wonderful readers. Besides custom bags, I craft for my customers, the majority of bags and accessories are made to order.

Such a business model limits unnecessary manufacturing and logistics thus making it safer for the environment. It also gives me an opportunity for a deeper connection with customers and boutiques I work with. 

Urban Chic cellphone pouch
OKOhandbags-Urban Chic Cellphone Pouch

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