Stunning Fashion Styles by Designer Carlo Vontee' augo

Stunning Fashion 

Fashion By Designer Carlo Vontee' augo

Have you ever looked for that perfect outfit to wear, but you wanted it to have style and class? You wanted it to stand out from the rest. You wanted everyone to notice you and ask where did you purchase that? You are all about looking stunning for so many occasions; as well as, having the right casual outfit to wear on those much-needed comfortable days.
casual outfits women
Wear a trendy and casual outfit

I don't know about you, but I desire to look fabulous in all types of clothing. Well, I'm loving the different looks of this collection from Carlo Vontee' augo. 
Casual fashion for school
Casual fashion for school

He has designs for the casual and sophisticated person; as well as the chic and couture designs for when you have those special places you desire to stand out in the crowd with elegance. You know when you desire to stop traffic, and these designs appear to be show stoppers that will WOW the crowd.

Fashion by Carlo Vontee' augo
Rock your fashion style

Interview with Carlo Vontee' augo

Let's talk with Carlo the Designer behind Carlo Vontee' augo.

I love all of your beautiful Couture designs. What inspired you to become a designer?

I was inspired by many things besides my struggles in life. By my love for Art. I received a BA in art and a master's in Architecture, and I wanted to combine all my skillset in a combination of what I love. ‘Fashion’! My mom and grandma sewed all their life and I carried on their gifts. They both worked in a sewing factory to provide and make A living so I took what they used to keep our family going so I said I must carry on their skill set.

My degrees were only to help advance and develop my thoughts.
Carlo Vontee' augo
Fashion Designer - Carlo Vontee' augo

We are so thrilled to see that a women's collection; as well as, a men's collection will be coming to Carlo Vontee' augo soon and will be available to buy. Do you have an expected date of when they will be available to purchase? 

At the moment with me being independent and working so hard to see everything being produced so I could sell it. I don't have an answer, but my prayer is that God will provide doors and opportunities so I can mass produce the collection and sell them. This would be another part of his plan. 
Fashion Styles
Rock your Stunning fashion 

It has been such a pleasure to interview you, Carlo. Again, I love your designs! Is there anything, in particular, you would like Inveigle magazine's community of amazing readers to know about Carlo Vontee' augo?

Thank you so much. I would like everyone to know that as a young man who wants to make a difference and provide jobs for others, I pray someday to see the line take off and be known worldwide.  I would love to make history and to see a book and movie done on the story of the life of Carlo. Behind the face to see and feel his passion. 
Designs by Carlo Vontee' augo
Designs by Carlo Vontee' augo

My goal is to change lives and provide for that inspiring model, or high school kid that once had a dream and was told he would never make it or survive. 
Casual Fashion Style
Casual Fashion Style

That young man was me and I stand so determined to make this happen. I want to show the world that we have to make a change and it starts with Carlo vontee’augo.

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