Nuciano | Luxury Handbags By Joy Egbejimba For The Modern Women

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Nuciano | Luxury Handbags

Nuciano | Luxury Handbags  

Wouldn't you like to step out in style with an upbeat vibe? Wouldn't you like to be the talk of the town in positive regards; meanwhile, being fashionable with every step you take. Some women desire to put on those sensual high heels and strut the runway in their dressy jumpsuits, but they also love to have beautiful trinkets to carry their goodies into those special events. Why not carry the perfect purse or handbag with you as you set the town on fire. Step out of your car in style! Be fierce, cute, and a boss lady that knows how to represent herself.

Step out of your car in style

You may like casual or glittery things, but the common goal is to look like a million bucks. When a person dresses up, it tends to give them confidence in their selves.  Dazzle your family and friends with a fashion statement that will leave a lasting impression.  Make sure to keep your fashion in style with the right handbag, clutch, purse, or belt to accessorize your clothing.
Nuciano Belt
Beautiful  Nuciano Belt

Interview With Joy Egbejimba

Let's talk about some stunning handbags with the designer of Nuciano. Here are the details from an interview with Joy Egbejimba.

Arica: Hi Joy! What inspired you to begin designing such elegant and fabulous handbags; as well as, belts? 

Joy Egbejimba: I’m bag crazy and I have always appreciated the importance of a good bag, how it would take a common outfit to a different level in a minute. The same thing with belts and little accessories, they play a major role in completing an outfit.

If you look at our bags in each collection, they are very structured, and I’d say they are clean in a design sense. That reflects my personal style and what I’m drawn to.

I dream in colors, so I’m not scared of making our bags in vibrant colors. Quality is a thing I cannot compromise on, and my mantra is that “if I can’t carry it then I can’t make it”. Handbags I would say are a gateway to other pieces that are to come under the NUCIANO brand.

Beverly Belt
Waist Snatching Beverly Belt
Arica: Nuciano is such a unique and beautiful name. What does it mean to you?
Joy Egbejimba: My grandmother’s name is “Nnukachiano” and resonates with the freedom to BELIEVE & EXPRESS yourself as an independent woman. I was raised by my grandmother and it is only noble for me to name the brand after her. She was a very fashionable lady and had a great influence on my style as well.

Arica: You have a variety of stunning luxury handbags. Tell us a little about your Crystal handbags and the detailed leather handbags that you design.
Joy Egbejimba: A lot of our crystal styles are influenced by some of the things I saw growing up with my grandmother and some by things around Seattle.

For example, our Ijare clutch is designed after this beautiful plant that most people in my village have in their gardens, the Ijare plant. It is green and produces pink-colored flowers. Often presented close to the entry door of each house, the Ijare plant signifies a welcoming gesture and a feeling of a peaceful entry.
Ijare clutch
I love bling, glamour and yes, a girl can never bling too much and I see sparkles as a way to complete an outfit as well. Who doesn’t like a million-dollar look but without spending the real million dollars on your look? Of course, every woman does, and our crystal clutches reflect that look.

Crystal clutch
Crystal clutches

And our Seattle Autumn style shows the beautiful shades of fall in the beautiful Pacific Northwest at the start of fall. Our leather collection reflects a lot of my personal style of clean, colorful, and practical styles as well. They are designed to go from “desk to dinner”, without requiring a change due to their versatile firm and function.
Seattle Autumn

Arica: Most people desire to look stylish as they take the city by storm in style. Where can our readers purchase Nuciano Handbags to add to their fashion wardrobe?

Joy Egbejimba: Our beautiful pieces can be purchased from our website at Nuciano and at the following stores in Seattle:
Nuciano also has little makeup bags and those can be found in the stores listed above and in Nigeria at the following locations:
  • The Make Up Spot Africa
Nuciano also works with some amazing stylists in Nigeria that style their beautiful clients with our products. For Instance, Stylist like Medlinboss and Styledbyseun.
Arica: Is there anything you would like to let our fabulous readers know about Nuciano?
Joy Egbejimba: Nuciano is a conscious brand that was created with giving back and we are all about helping underprivileged women in Africa. Women are marginalized so much in Africa, so we give back 5% of our proceeds through our Nuciano Scholars non-profit organization to educate girls’ in college in Nigeria.

We are currently doing this in Nigeria and our goal is to eventually take the same women empowerment message into other African Countries and give back 5% sales proceeds from each home country. We created a Hope bag for CancerWare Nigeria and 100% of the proceeds from the sale of our Hope bags this season goes to support Cancer patients in Nigeria.
Nuciano handbag for women
Keep your style on point with a Nuciano handbag

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