How To Lose 10 Pounds in A Month

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How To Lose 10 Pounds in A Month

How To Lose 10 Pounds in A Month

Putting on some kilos of the flesh is something many people tend to be caught unawares. Having some tissue on the body might not be a bad idea. However, when it becomes apparent that you are heading towards obesity, it becomes imperative to start looking for ways to shed the extra flesh.

Ten pounds is much weight for an individual to put on. Even if it doesn’t stop you from going about your daily activities, you still need to shed it. Now, reaching weight loss goals can be challenging. It is a tortuous journey that demands resilience, dedication, and strong will. That said, here are some feasible ways you can rely on to lose ten pounds in a month.

Cut Down on Refined Carbohydrates

It’s no news that carbohydrates are one of the leading causes of weight gain and obesity in extreme cases. Nevertheless, refined variation poses more dangers because they are stripped of their fiber and nutritional contents when they are processed. That, in turn, implies that refined carbohydrates are low in nutrients and high in calories. The dangers get worse because refined carbohydrates move directly into the bloodstream. The implication is that the hunger pangs would rise, while the blood sugar would spike.
In order to forestall these occurrences, it is advisable to cut down on the intake of refined carbohydrates. Instead of the regular consumption of pre-packaged foods and white bread, you can take whole-grain products as substitutes.

Select Healthier Beverages

Now is the perfect time to be mindful of the beverage you consume. Instead of the intake of soda and energy drinks, you may want to settle for water. Water has been tipped for slightly increasing the number of calories burned for a short time. Water also increases body metabolism by 30%.

Aerobic Exercise Can Help

Aerobic Exercise Can Help

It has been affirmed that exercises are an excellent way to burn calories. However, the focus is not entirely on the running and jumping aspects of it alone. More aerobic (cardio) exercises are needed.
It would interest you to know that aerobic exercise helps to improve the heart rate’s speed at burning calories. It also makes it easier to strengthen your lungs and the heart. Therefore, engaging in one or many cardio exercises like swimming, jogging, and biking. Doing so tends to result in the burning of about 600 calories per week. That, in turn, means shedding up to 5.2kg per week.

Don’t Rush Your Meals

Many of us are caught in the act on this one. It could be that you have an urgent meeting and want to finish your meal immediately. It could be to catch a flight or to go about other activities. Whichever is the case, you tend to eat faster than usual.
The rule of thumb on how to lose 10 pounds stipulates that you should eat slowly. Studies in that regard show that slow eating helps you to “listen to your body.” It also decreases calorie intake by 10%. Likewise, moderate consumption of food reduces the chances of getting distracted. It also increases the levels of specific hormones that give the feeling of fullness.

Eat More of Vegetables

There may not be a perfect time to fill up on vegetables than when you’re looking for how to lose 10 pounds. The picture here is that vegetables (veggies) supply ample antioxidants and minerals to the body. Those, in turn, aid in the reduction of calories.
Furthermore, increased consumption of vegetables tends to trigger a loss of 1.1 pounds over six months. Other benefits are the 17% reduction in the risks of being obese, and the increment of the nutrients in the body.

Movement Speeds Up Weight Loss

Do you know that moving around can help you lose 10 pounds? Yes, it is possible! The secret lies in the Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT0. NEAT implies that overweight individuals could burn calories by engaging in unconventional exercises, such as typing, walking, and gardening. So, find any of those non-exercise activities and leverage them to lose 10 pounds in a month.

Lose 10 Pounds

Ten pounds of weight might seem much, but you can shed it off with consistency. With the successful application of one or more of the tips above, you wouldn't have a hard time getting rid of the extra pounds of flesh.
So, which of the weight loss tips worked best for you? Tell us in the comment section!

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