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DIY Decor For A Chandelier

Sometimes you may like to experiment and be creative with decorating your house. You may not have the finances to purchase everything you desire, but you can use some creative DIY ideas to bring your decor together with style and class. Just because it's a DIY project doesn't mean it has to be boring and lack elegance. This chandelier can be the centerpiece of any room you choose it to be. After all, it's your house. Everyone may ask you about it when they visit. Intrigue your guest with all of your Beautiful DIY Home Decor Ideas!

Have no fear; if you are on a budget but still want to spruce up your house to look like it should be in a Lifestyle magazine, there are things you can do to help you with achieving a beautiful home.

How to create this DIY Chandelier for a low cost?

Items To Make A Diy Chandelier

  • A classic bowl with ridges
  • Acrylic gems
  • Hot glue
  • Heavy-duty glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pearls from a beaded necklace

Directions for a DIY Chandelier

  1. Place 4 gems in a row on a ridge. 
  2. Skip a ridge and add 4 more gems on a ridge
  3. The rows you skipped, go back and add gems upside down to have a contrast.
  4. Use a wire basket. (Spray paint it white)
  5. Glue gem to the wire basket.
  6. Hold the gem in place until it dry 
  7. Attach the wire basket to the bowl (E600)
  8. Glue pearls to bowl with a hot glue gun (view the video to see how to add different rows of pearls.)

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