How to Make Money Easily Creating a Treasure Hunt Business

Make money
Make money with a Treasure Hunt Business

Make Money Creating a Treasure Hunt Business

In this day and age, more and more people are looking for excitement and adventure in their lives. Both adults and children alike are drawn to the idea of winning, whether it’s in their personal or professional lives. The adventure tourism industry is worth billions of dollars, and what’s more exciting and adventurous than looking at a high stakes treasure map and embarking on a treasure hunt?

Heading out into mountains, peering into remote canyons, climbing up trees, and looking for treasure hunt clues  these things are highly exciting for anybody. Nowadays, a lot of people are earning easy money with treasure hunt businesses. You can make profits as people visit your website to look for clues and discover various things along the way. But how exactly can you benefit from a site like this? We’re going to tell you more.

Getting Everything Up and Running

The first thing you need is your own website and company. These can be very easily acquired, and webpages will only cost you about $10 a year to keep up. Once you’ve put down initial investments for website creation and non-recoupable, albeit very important, advertising costs, you can come up with some creative ways of enticing visitors to come to you and find prizes. You needn’t spend a fortune on actual prizes either - many business CEOs that we spoke to have only spent around a maximum hundred dollars for their top prize, and this price is usually claimed after completing a series of challenges.

How Does It Make Money?

The main way you want to make money easily is by charging entry fees to a treasure hunt. Alternatively, you could ask members to pay a subscription fee to join a variety of quests per year.
We think that it is a great idea to see what’s going on locally in your area and organize your scavenger hunt as part of some significant event.

 As an example, if there is a festival in downtown, you can try to collaborate with them to create a treasure hunt activity. People attending the festival can then pay you for participating in the hunt, or, alternatively, you can gain money through advertising during the quest. If you can arrange some sort of product placement too, for example, giving away a prize gain through sponsorship, this will be a great way of earning more cash.

Think Outside the Box

If you think outside the box, there are a whole number of ways that you can get treasure hunts into the public’s eye, and this will help you gain more revenue for your business. A great thing to do is to think uniquely. If your project and the price are the only one of a kind, you’re going to get a lot more publicity. 

Consider the duration of your events as well. A long-term activity, such as treasure hunt, will be spread like wildfire, and with a bit of social media marketing, more and more people will be getting involved.

treasure hunts
Treasure hunts

Great Ideas for a Treasure Hunt Business

You’ll be selling an adventure, so you’ve got to think big and venturesome. How can you make your treasure hunt as exciting as possible? How can you get people thinking and challenging themselves at every opportune moment? Brainstorm a number of ideas with friends and colleagues, refining them to create a memorable and worthwhile experience for your clients. Even if you’ve got all the marketing know-how, if you haven’t got an engaging hunt, then the show is over for you.
If you’re not sure of where to start, don’t worry. We’ve done the hard work for you. Check out some brilliant ideas below:
  • 🗹 Make use of cryptography to make clues more engaging and appealing. It doesn’t matter whether your audience is 5 years old or 50, as long as you make cryptography relevant to them. Everybody loves a puzzle, and it is far more exciting to solve a puzzle to get a clue rather than simply receive a clue on its own.
  • 🗹 Write out some instructions on the pieces of paper and then take a photo of them. You can leave snippets of the images at different locations to make up directions. You can also provide a film reel as a clue, and then a person will have to develop it before resuming their prey treasure hunt.
  • 🗹 Incorporate the use of GPS devices. It is a great idea because it allows your hunt to be carried out over the largest area possible. You can make additional money if you draw up an affiliate partnership with an organization and then have participants visit that company/place and buy things as part of the hunt.
  • 🗹 Use of Drones. On some occasions, hunters can use drone technology to access larger areas.

Just get creative, and you never know how far you’ll be able to take the treasure trail!
If you’re going to make a success of a business like this, tap into that childhood curiosity and think about how exciting treasure-hunting can be. You’ll want to create all sorts of interesting and engaging scavenger hunt clues with fabulous prizes that will pay off and have people coming back to you for more. Get their attention, and you can really make a killing from a business like this.        
Do you think you know how to make a treasure hunt? Is there anything that we’ve missed out on? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Author: Thomas Quarry is not the kind of person who is usually expected to work as a freelance copywriter. He continues to do his favorite thing - treasure hunting, and in his free time he pursues a writing career

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