How to Make Money With a Drone: 10 Ideas To Make A Profit

How to Make Money With a Drone

Top 10 Ways To Make Money With A Drone

Nowadays, almost at any outdoor event or activity, you might attend, if you pay close attention to the sky, you may notice a drone racing above you. Initially, drones originated from the US and were meant for military purposes. Fast forward to the present: they are used in everyday life, being considered one of the most performing technologies of the moment. Basically, we are talking about an aircraft that does not need a pilot. Drone piloting is done from the outside with the help of remote controls. In addition, the small size, weight, and power are essential aspects that differentiate these devices from your classic flying aircraft.

But modern drones are not just a fun way of exploring and filming, but also the basis of 
very profitable activities. Depending on your drone piloting skills, there are a large number of drone jobs available to you, one more engaging and rewarding than the other. So, let’s jump right into the top 10 drone jobs of today!

1. Freelance Drone Piloting

This is pretty much the standard type of job you can land if you have experience with a drone camera. You can get in touch with literally anyone who needs surveillance or camera work in distant places. The demand for such services is pretty high, and the reward is way more than decent.

2. Drone Repairs and Reselling

Yes, that’s right, much like with car dealers nowadays, you can create the same type of business using drones. Since they are quite popular today, the demand for drone parts and drone repair is also pretty increased. If you are passionate about them and tech-savvy, a drone shop might be the perfect job for you.

Drone Repair
Drone Repair Image

3. Photography

A drone camera can be used to take pictures from virtually anywhere. And since there are so many websites, business owners, and real estate agencies that are eager to present their products from a unique angle and perspective, this is where a photography drone can work wonders. On top of everything, the paycheck for this job is usually a fat one.

Drone Camera
A drone camera can be used to take pictures.

4. Aerial Surveillance

Accurate ground measurements are sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to collect due to harsh terrain conditions. In these cases, they are usually taken from a helicopter, but if you come to think about it, a small UAV such as a drone is much more efficient and requires far less capital. 

As such, if your drone piloting skills are off the charts, you should really consider setting up a private company in this area. Once again, the demand is sky-high, and the hourly rates are unbelievably good.

5. Drone Racing

Here is where the significant gains come into play. If you are an advanced drone pilot, you can apply for sponsorship and end up earning up to 100k in drone racing. It’s just as entertaining as when you play online slots: there are several professional leagues that you can enter, and even though the competition is already fierce, you still stand some chances at pretty high rewards.

6. Search and Rescue

The same principle behind ground measurements applies to search and rescue purposes. Natural or human-made disasters are extremely frequent nowadays, and in most cases, the affected areas are far too dangerous to be scoped by persons or even animals. 

If your drone piloting is sharp and you can manage to get a search and rescue permit, you will not only secure a stable job but will also help save lives.

7. Weddings

The wedding photography business is booming because let’s face it: it’s pretty much the most important moment in every person’s life. No expenses when it comes to immortalizing it, and what better way to do it than with a camera drone?

Check out this video that presents 12 tips on using a drone at a wedding to provide you with some wonderful ideas.

8. Videography

Much like in the case of aerial photography, a drone camera can also be used for videography. All major corporate events nowadays must have one, and then there are also a lot of concerts and media gatherings that create a high demand for this. As long as your drone piloting is on point, and you have some advanced video editing skills, you can set up your own videography company easily and make substantial profits from it.

The drone camera can also be used for videography. Image

9. Inspecting Pipe or Power Lines

Long-distance power lines and pipelines are always in need of flawless inspection. As such, you can consider applying for a drone inspector position, and you will be saving all the contracting companies a great deal of money and human resources.

10. Army Drone Operator

Granted, this position is most common within the US and available for US citizens. If you are one of them and would like to join the military, you will receive full training and the latest UAV devices available.

The USARMY states,
"Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operators are remote pilots of unmanned observation aircrafts, aka military drones, or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) that gather intelligence used in operational tactics. Our drone operators are intelligence specialists; they are integral to providing Army personnel with information about enemy forces and battle areas."

And these are pretty much the top 10 best-paid drone jobs nowadays. Of course, this technology advances from day to day, and pretty soon, the new generation of drones will open up the doors to far more possibilities. But let us know which of these occupations would suit you the most, and if you have already engaged in one, feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.

Author: Thomas Glare is a technology lover and a proud MIT student. He lives in Massachusetts, and when he’s not studying hard to make his life-long dream of joining NASA come true, he also endeavors in creative tech freelance copywriting. He is also developing mobile apps for Android.

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