Complications of Overbite & Overbite Treatment for Different Age Groups

Overbite & Overbite Treatment

Overbite Complications And Treatments 

Overbite is the layman term for the medical condition known as malocclusion. In this condition, the upper teeth overlap the lower front teeth. It is a shape deformity of the teeth and jaw. Going ahead, we will throw some light on the complications attached to the overbite. We will also put some information on how to fix an overbite i.e. Overbite treatment for different age groups.

Developing this condition can be because of an inheritance from the family, abnormally growing jaw, and childhood habits like sucking the thumb and pacifier.

Overbite correction is not only an aesthetic need but a necessity of life.

The following are some of the complications you could face if you are suffering from an overbite.

  • Difficulty in Speech

The deformity of teeth and jaws could cause a problem in pronouncing certain words. It might cause pain sometimes while speaking.

  • Difficulty in Chewing

You might also come across difficulty in chewing due to overbite. Chewing and speaking are everyday tasks. The frustration and irritation of not being able to perform them are unimaginable.

  • Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition where your sleep gets affected by breathing issues. Your breathing gets obstructed for some time. Its complications range from loud snoring to gasping or choking during sleep. It is common for people with an overbite to have a small mouth. Therefore, they tend to develop the condition of sleep apnea. This condition makes it all the more essential to meet an orthodontist urgently.

  • TMJ

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) is a severe disorder. The patient feels extreme pain in the jaw and the joints because of dysfunction in the joints. Overbite condition is a result of a misaligned jaw. While growing this misalignment can disturb the joints and trigger TMJ.

  • Tooth Decay

Teeth rub and collide with each other in overbite conditions as they are not positioned correctly. This collision affects the strength of the teeth. The most badly hit in this scenario is the outer layer of the teeth called enamel. And if the outer layer is torn, you can imagine how easy it is for bacteria to penetrate. Teeth rubbing against each other also results in untimely tooth loss and painful tooth fracture.

  • Gum Injuries

Like the teeth hitting each other, they can hit the gums of the opposite side also. How much damage to the gums depends on the severity of the overbite. These injured gums can lead to gum diseases (Periodontitis). The teeth are rooted in gums. If the gums are weak and injured, teeth can fall off easily.

We made one point pretty clear by now. The overbite condition can’t be left untreated. It can trigger other injuries and diseases. It is always better to treat these issues in childhood. But it’s never too late with scientific and medical advancement. It can be treated in any age group.

We are giving an idea here about How to fix Overbite for different age groups – 

Take your child to the orthodontist

Overbite correction for kids and teenagers

  • The best option is to take your child before the age of 7 to the orthodontist as the orthodontist can remove the baby's teeth. It will create enough space for upcoming teeth to grow naturally.

  • Braces treatment is another most regarded method for Overbite correction. The braces put pressure on the gums and teeth to move in the desired shape. It does it slowly and gently over time. By the time Orthodontist removes the braces, the teeth and jaws are positioned correctly.

  • Overbite treatment through braces contains an essential aftercare procedure. You need to wear retainers for a considerable amount of time after the removal of braces. Retainers make sure that the right positioning of the jaws remains the same after braces removal. Your orthodontist will tell you how much time you need to keep wearing them.

Dental Braces are a suitable option for overbites

Overbite Treatment for Adults

  • Dental Braces is a suitable option for adults as well. The only prerequisite is you should have healthy teeth and gums.

  • There is a possibility that your jaw is not treatable through braces. You might have a skeletal-type overbite. In such cases, orthodontic surgery is another option for adults.

Final Words!

Do not delay in consulting an orthodontist on the very first sign of abnormality in the bite.

Author: Dr. Satish Pai is committed to creating a perfect smile. An orthodontist by profession, he believes that a perfect smile is a powerful part of a person’s personality. When he is not working hard on perfecting his patients’ smiles at Putnam Ortho, he is busy writing engaging articles about everything related to healthy and perfect smiles. His other passions include golf, yoga, and surfing. Spending time with his family always brings a smile to his face.


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