How to Jump-Start your Immune System with IV Therapy

Immune System
Jump-Start your Immune System

Jump-Start your Immune System with IV Therapy

We’ve learned a lot from the COVID-19 pandemic, and one of the biggest lessons is the importance of a healthy immune system. It’s our first line of defense against invading germs, such as viruses, working to neutralize them so your body can get rid of these harmful agents.

The immune system is complex, involving many parts of the body. When a foreign substance is identified, the lymph nodes release white blood cells. These blood cells produce the antibodies you need to fight infection; they also regulate the production of immune cells to keep the immune system running efficiently. This is why you may have swollen glands when you’re sick with a cold or flu—it’s a sign your immune system is hard at work.

It’s important to keep your immune system strong, allowing your body to handle anything that comes its way. 

There are certain lifestyle habits you can adopt to help build up a healthy immune system, such as

  • eating nutritious food, 
  • getting enough sleep every night, 
  • and abstaining from cigarette smoking. 
But if you’re sick, dehydrated, overly stressed, or dealing with a chronic health condition, you may need extra, powerful help. And that’s where IV therapy comes into play. IV therapy is a potent way to boost your immune system.
IV Therapy
Boost your immune system

With IV therapy, recovery from colds and the flu is easier because you experience symptom relief. You also receive the vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes the body needs to support the immune system. 

Here’s how to get the most benefits from IV treatments:

  • Find a reputable IV provider.

You’ll want to use a company that has experience in IV therapy. It should also be staffed with medical professionals who administer your IV infusions and monitor you throughout your session to ensure the best results. A mobile IV provider is especially helpful because your treatments can be done in your home or office; you don’t need to bother with scheduling a doctor’s appointment or waiting at an urgent care center.

  • Customize your IV.

Drip bags are filled with fluids that rehydrate the body and supply any missing vitamins or electrolytes. This enhances your immune system, but you can get even more out of the treatment by supplementing it with extra add-ons. For instance, a Myers’ Cocktail is a popular IV for immune support because it contains vitamin C and B Complex vitamins. You can use a Myers’ Cocktail, and increase the amount of vitamin C, or add on extra zinc, which also benefits the immune system. A qualified IV provider can work with you to customize your drip bag so it’s most effective.

  • Don’t limit IV therapy to the times you feel sick.

IV treatments are helpful when you are ill because they alleviate dehydration that’s a common side effect of illness, reduce the severity of your symptoms, and help you regain the strength you need to recover. But you can use IV therapy anytime, especially if you want to build up your immune system. Talk with your IV provider about the best way to schedule regular treatments for maintenance.

  • Take medicines via IV.

Rebound faster from illness with the help of medications that ease symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, fever, and congestion. Certain medications are available for IV treatments. Try Toradol to soothe a headache or Zofran if you’re struggling with queasiness or vomiting.

How IV Therapy Works

Some people report having increased energy

IV treatments are straightforward, and they only take about 30 to 45 minutes, with no downtime. 

1. A medical professional will insert a needle into your arm and then connect it to a tube leading to your IV bag.

2. The fluids in the bag then drip through the tube into your arm. 

3. The medical professional will then remove the needle when the treatment is over, and place a bandage on the insertion point on your arm.

Some people report feeling immediate benefits, such as an increase in energy.

An IV treatment is more effective and works faster than an oral vitamin or medication. That’s because IV fluids go straight to the bloodstream so you absorb more of the vitamins or minerals—and you absorb them more quickly—than a pill or tablet that has to first pass through your digestive system. IVs also perform other functions that influence the immune system, such as detoxification and rehydration.

An IV treatment may be an essential part of your wellness plan or a way to help your immune system regroup from infection or illness. Harness the power of IV therapy to support a strong and vibrant immune system in conjunction with other healthy lifestyle habits. Then, the next time an invading germ tries to wreak havoc on your health, your body will be ready to fight.

Dr. James Evans MD MBA CHCQM

Author: Dr. James Evans MD MBA CHCQM. Dr. Evans is a dual board-certified internal medicine physician with 19 years of clinical and administrative experience. Dr. Evans founded and built a multi-disciplinary clinic and has also helped set up hospitalist programs at various rural hospitals. Dr. Evans has extensive hospitalist experience running an independent private hospitalist service for over 7 years at Phoenix/St. Luke’s Medical Center. Dr. Evans also has significant leadership experience and served as the Chief Medical Officer for the Arizona Department of Economic Security where he provided oversight for the medical services of 44,000 Arizona residents with developmental disabilities. A graduate of Harvard College in physics and mechanical engineering, he earned his medical degree from the University of Michigan and completed an internal medicine residency at Columbia University-affiliated hospitals in New York City. Dr. Evans also holds an MBA in Finance from Grand Canyon University. Dr. Evans is also Board Certified in Health Care Quality Management by the American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians. Dr. Evans is bilingual in Spanish and English. His outside hobbies include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, golf, and international travel.

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