When Does A Life Insurance Policy Typically Become Effective?

Life Insurance Policy
Life Insurance 

   Life Insurance Policy 

A contract between you and your insurance company where you pledge to insure your life for your loved ones is called a life insurance policy. Under a life insurance policy, you pay a specific amount of money per month as a premium to the insurance company, in exchange for which the latter pays a lump sum amount to your beneficiaries, known as death benefit after your death.

Ideally, there are two types of life insurance, namely permanent and term life insurance policies. 

Permanent life insurance, such as universal or whole life insurance, offers lifetime coverage. But, term life insurance gives protection only for a certain period or a term.

People’s lack of proper knowledge about the actual value and affordability regarding life insurance deters them from buying one. That is why we guide you on choosing the right life insurance policy to cover your life and how you can make the policy more effective.

Life Insurance
Select the right life Insurance policy

How To Select The Right Life Insurance Policy Type?

It would be best if you decided on permanent life insurance and term life insurance. You may consider a term life insurance policy if you wish to secure your life only for a specific amount of time. 

If you are on a limited budget to buy an insurance policy, term life insurance is the best option for you. Because the policy is not a cash value policy and protects the insured only for a specific period, the premium rates are comparatively lower than permanent life insurance.

However, as you start entering new phases of life, your needs and requirements seem to change according to the new life. That is why term insurance provides conversion to permanent insurance policy to their policyholders, which entirely depends on the policy and insurer. The switch from term to permanent life insurance is allowed without re-application or taking a life insurance medical exam.

On the contrary, a permanent life insurance policy lasts lifelong, i.e., until you are alive. Permanent life insurance is for those who wish to build cash value. No matter how much you invest in permanent life insurance to capitalize on the cash value accumulation, based on your policy, it is wise to invest the amount in your savings account or another investment vehicle so that you are saved from paying for the life insurance and charges within a permanent policy.

After your death, your beneficiary only receives the permanent policy’s death benefit and not death plus cash value. The cash value is not intended for them because it generally goes into the kitty of the insurance company. Nonetheless, some permanent insurance policies come with “death benefit plus cash value” for the beneficiaries. Still, the premiums required to pay are pretty higher than without cash value permanent life insurance policies.

Permanent life insurance
Chose the best type of life insurance coverage

How A Life Insurance Coverage Amount Is Fixed?

There is a thumb rule to estimate the coverage amount that you need to fulfill your needs for which you have decided to take a life insurance policy. The rule is

  • Sum up all the expenses you wish to cover under the life insurance policy, such as a mortgage, your income replacement for your work, and your children’s educational costs.
  • From the total of all your expenses, subtract the amounts you and/or your family has kept as savings to cover the costs mentioned above, like investment plans, existing life insurance, or cash savings. However, please do not count the retirement savings because your spouse may need them later on.

After subtracting all the expenses, the resultant amount represents your life insurance need or coverage amount. This resulting number may seem high, especially if you have taken into account income replacement for many years. Despite that, life insurance quotes are free. So, it will not harm you to price out the coverage amount you require.

But, if the coverage amount turns out to be too much to afford, you can buy with the amount you can currently afford to lock in at a reasonable rate. In the future, when your sources of income increase, you can buy more. Although, you should not forget that some time from now, your rate will depend on your older age and presiding health conditions at that time.

What Are Life Insurance Riders?

Numerous insurance companies offer their valuable policyholders an option to customize their policies according to their growing needs. And riders are the most typical method for the policyholders to modify their life insurance plans. Riders are of many types, but their availability depends on the insurer or provider.

Riders’ fee is included in the base premium of some life insurance policies. At the same time, some policies instruct their policyholders to pay an additional fee or premium for each rider they use. 

The most common life insurance riders are as follows:

  • Accidental Death Benefit Rider: It offers additional life insurance coverage to the beneficiaries if the insured’s death accidentally occurred.
  • Waiver of Premium Rider: You can stop paying your premium amount through this rider if you become disabled and unable to work.
  • Disability Income Rider: This rider will provide you with a monthly income if you cannot work for a prolonged period due to some serious injury or illness.
  • Accelerated Death Benefit Rider: If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, this rider will help you collect all or a portion of the promised death benefit.
  • Long-Term Care Rider: This rider is a type of accelerated death rider, but the amount you receive here can only be used to pay for the nursing home, assisted living, or in-home care when you are depended on for help in your daily living activities, for instance, bathing, eating, or going to the loo.
  • Guaranteed Insurability Rider: This rider will allow you to buy additional insurance in the future without undergoing a medical review.

The Last Lines

We want to end by saying that each life insurance policy is uniquely crafted to meet the insured's different purposes and the insurer. This makes it essential for you to carefully review all your policy documents and understand all the risks and benefits your policy covers. And, according to that, choose the best life insurance policy.  

Author: Hanna Flores is a passionate blogger. She loves to share her thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world through blogging. Hanna Flores is associated with WorthyToShare.

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