7 Trending Cartilage Earrings You Must Try To Rock Any Party Look

Cartilage Jewelry
Stylish Cartilage Jewelry


Cartilage Earrings For Stylish Fashion

Cartilage earrings have been all the rage ever since cartilage piercings were discovered by humankind. In other words, there was no specific time when these earrings got into the limelight as they are loved by people who love earrings and piercings.

If you are into piercings and love to get them often, you must already love the idea of owning unique and different cartilage earrings. And if you have been searching for the best trending options, we have got a list for you.

Let us check it out:

7 types of trending cartilage earrings:

1. Chained Ear Cuff  

Chained ear cuff
Chained ear cuff

If you love ear cuffs but don’t like the idea of wearing chunky jewelry, this option is for you. People with cartilage piercings can enjoy a great variety of ear cuff styles and this one is one of them.

In these earrings, there are two studs or rings at both ends - one goes into your cartilage piercing and the other goes on your ear lobe piercing. Connecting these two pieces is a thin chain that covers your entire ear, giving you a very chic and dressy look. You can choose the designs with multiple chains too if that is your style.

This option of cartilage earrings looks a little extra, they are the best to rock any party look!

2. Crystal or Stone-Embedded Earrings

Crystal embedded earrings
Crystal embedded earrings

A dainty option, these earrings go the best with any outfit you choose for the party. Whether you wear a dress, a gown, or pants - these earrings will go with everything.

The design is very simple and elegant with a row of crystals or rhinestones arranged in an arc. The earring sits perfectly on the arc of your ear fold and looks very stylish. You can wear these cartilage earrings with your regular earrings to elevate your look and make yourself party-ready!

3. Star, Flower, or Heart-shaped Earrings

Moon shaped earrings
A variety of shape earrings

If you are a collector of unique and cute earrings, here is the best option for you. Look for some cute shapes like stars, moon, flowers, hearts, etc. arranged in a tiny and adorable design. It can also be a single star, mood, flower, or heart. The addition of details will help you draw the attention of all partygoers to your earrings, making you stand out.

Cartilage Jewelry

Though cartilage earrings are usually minimal and tiny, they still do a lot to make your look more polished, stylish, and unique.

4. Single-Stone Earrings

Single-stone earring
Single-stone earring

If you don’t like a lot of bling in your jewelry but still want to keep it a little for the sake of your party look, this design is for you! The earrings are simple and minimal hoop earrings with a single stone in the middle. The hoop can be plain or textured and you can buy them in silver, gold, or white gold.

These earrings are very minimal and dainty yet they make a lot of difference by giving the needed elevation to your style for the party look.

So, get the single-stoned cartilage earrings and get ready to rule the party!

5. Crystal Barbell Earrings

Crystal Barbell Earrings
Crystal Barbell Earrings

If you have multiple ear piercings (or just two), you will love to rock this type of earrings. Get the barbell earrings that go from two piercings - either two of your cartilage piercings or one cartilage and one earlobe piercing. These barbells often have balls or stones at both ends that add a touch of style to these earrings.

For a party, barbell earrings with rhinestones would be the best bet! They are perfect for someone who has a bit of a rugged style like a rock-chic or biker look.

6. Layered Earrings

Layered earrings
Layered earrings

Layered jewelry is in vogue these days and gives the biker/rock star vibes. So, if you’re into such styles and aesthetics, you can go for layered cartilage earrings. This is only possible if you have multiple cartilage piercings. Just put a similar piece of earring in each piercing and you are good to go! With this layered look, you slightly get  on the heavier side of jewelry and details, which makes it perfect for a party look!

With the layered earrings on your cartilage, you can choose to keep your earlobes bare or wear a minimal set of earrings to avoid being super extra.

7. Studs with Stones

Studs with Stones
Studs with Stones

Normally, people prefer to wear hoops earrings for cartilage piercings but to keep your look minimal and cute, you can choose stud earrings as well. Studs with stones are the best way to turn that bling on for the party. There are plenty of options available for this type of cartilage earrings. You can choose from plenty of shapes, designs, arrangements, and even colors. There are studs with stones available in silver, golden, and colored options, arranged in different shapes.

So, choose as per your style and choice and prep up for the party!

 Clip-on Earrings

Don’t have cartilage piercings? Don’t worry! You can always go for the clip-on options, get set, and go!

There is a huge variety of options available in clip-on earrings like hoops, cuffs, danglers, etc. You can choose from different designs and styles, and go for the one that suits your party look.

These earrings are easy to wear and remove, and you can rock them with any outfit you want.

So, this was all about the 7 types of trending cartilage earrings you can choose from to rock your party outfit.

More tips: Just note that wearing too much jewelry might make you look a little bit extra, and not in a good way. So, learn to keep the balance. If you are going for heavy earrings, choose a lighter necklace or go bare neck. Also, if you are wearing a heavy belt, ditch the heavy necklace as they might look very tacky together.  

Also, when you are wearing cartilage earrings, make sure you have your hair tied or pinned up so your earrings are visible. This tip will enhance your look multi-folds and you will get many compliments! So, go for the option you liked the best and get set for the upcoming party.

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