Personalized Newborn Baby Gifts That Are Thoughtful and Practical

newborn baby
Gifts for a cute newborn baby

 Personalized Newborn Baby Gifts 

A year of government-imposed lockdown and every fourth person you know is getting married or pregnant. While it means prepping for parental journey for them, for us, the lockdown baby boom means hunting for newborn baby gifts!

The arrival of a newborn comes along with sleepless nights for parents. While nothing could replace your love and support for them in this incredibly exhausting and emotional journey, a personalized baby gift that is both thoughtful and practical will surely be appreciated.

11 Best Personalized Newborn Baby Gift Ideas to Choose From:

From baby blankets to essential clothing sets, these gifting items are so cute that you’ll thoroughly enjoy picking and presenting them.

  • Custom Puzzle with Baby’s Photo

Soon, the baby is going to start playing. What better way than a custom puzzle printed with their photo to remind them of a sweet memory while they strengthen their little fingers and hand-eye coordination? You can get their best moments with their name printed on the puzzle. By doing so, you are also giving a chance to the family to bond with each other over playtime.

  • Cute, Fuzzy Baby Blanket

A blanket should fill the baby with a sense of calm and help them feel comfortable while sleeping. A personalized blanket in a cute color and their name or birth date embroidered on it is a great gift as the baby starts to develop their eyesight and sense of touch. Babies often tote their beloved blanket as they grow into toddlers, so this gift could be for a long haul.

  • A Keepsake Baby Photo Book

New parents take a lot of pictures of the baby's firsts. But what good are those, if not documented in a lovely photo book or a 'my first-year' picture frame? This personalized baby gift will not only keep the photos safe but also make it easier for the fam to flip through and reminisce their most precious moments. You can buy or create one with photo space for when the baby took their first steps or laughed for the first time.

  • Adorable Pillows for The Nursery

Think personalized pillows for the baby to snuggle with in their crib or for the mama to rest on a rocking chair. Get a set printed with the baby’s photo, name, or birth date. You can choose pink color, lace, and ribbons if it’s a gift for a newborn baby girl, or a blue and white color theme if it is for a baby boy. How cute is that?

  • Personalized Baby Gift Basket

Here comes a chance to put together the most practical baby gifts that the parents will thank you for. Choose a basket of any suitable material, shape, and color with the baby’s name on it. Now, you can either mix it up or keep it themed with bath and body products, baby toys, clothing essentials, etc. The box can also serve as a storage unit or be used while traveling if it is easy to carry.

  • A Baby Birth Plate

Keepsake and handprinted birth plates make for a great newborn baby gift. You can find them on many online or retail stores in cute designs and get them personalized with the baby's name and birth details. This can be coordinated with the baby's nursery theme as a d├ęcor piece or even be used to feed the toddler later.

  • Baby Clothing Essentials

Baby clothes can be quite expensive given that the baby can outgrow them faster than your newly done nails and that they are super messy eaters. From cute onesies and bibs to adorable caps, socks, and mittens; the options are endless. We suggest leaning towards cotton fabrics that are gentle on the baby's delicate skin.

Bath Set for babies
Personalize Bath gifts for a baby.

  • Bath Gifts for Play Time

Babies love to sit in the bathtub and play with their bath toys while splashing water. Since bath gifts are meant for daily use, you can ask the parents about their preference for baby brands and products. Personalize it by adding a custom-made hooded towel, bath puppets, baby shampoo, and soap.

bath puppets, Personalized baby gifts
Personalized baby gifts for newborn

  • Personalized Baby Calendar

Create personalized calendars with photos to capture a baby's first year and their most adorable moments as they age. Fill the pages with images from their baby showers as well as their most memorable moments, such as seeing their family for the first time and smiling for the first time. This one-of-a-kind present is ideal as a newborn keepsake.

  • Personalized Keepsake Box

Many babies are given special jewelry and other keepsakes as infants, which they cherish well into adulthood. To keep those cherished items hidden away, a personalized keepsake box might be a lovely baby gift idea. This one-of-a-kind baby present will be treasured for years to come as the baby grows up.

  • Personalized Story Book

Many parents tell bedtime stories to their children at night, but wouldn't it be amazing if they could see themselves in the story? They can with customized tale books! Giving a baby a personalized tale book may be a fantastic experience since they can see their name written down. This present is also suitable for a baby since they will read this story for many nights as they grow up.

So, wrapping up, buying newborn baby gifts can be a bit confusing but it’s not so tough once you start understanding their needs. The options are abundant, and enough to show that you love and care for the little bundle of joy.

Author: Neha Divan, a toddler-mom works as part of the content team at SuperBottoms, a baby product brand that develops innovative and sustainable products, like the No.1 best-selling reusable cloth diapers in India. She is passionate about empowering parents with her content to help make parenting a little easier and a lot more fun. She often writes from first-hand experience and has a knack for presenting her ideas clearly which lets her readers connect with her content. Art & craft are her things and she also loves coming up with fun and healthy recipes for kids.

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