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Tips About Tattooing over a Scar

A scar is something that is going to be with you your whole life. Many people ignore scars and think there is no need to do anything with them; just let them be as they are. But there are also some people who think that scars are just their bodies' imperfections and want to cover them. Their best option is to cover that scar with a tattoo. You have a question like, "Is it safe to have a tattoo over a scar? Does the tattoo procedure be painful over scars? And many other questions”.

In this article, we will see whether having a tattoo over a scar is good or bad.

According to some doctors or experts, it is completely safe to tattoo over a scar when it is completely healed. But it is also important to see which type of scar you have on your body because it might be possible that some scars will be difficult to tattoo over. Let’s first see the

Types of Scars:

Keloid Scar:

It is a rounded type of scar that raises about the surface level of the skin, surrounds the wound, and extends beyond the edges of the wounded area. The area of this scar is harder than the regular skin, and it is darker in color. When you try to treat your keloid scar, it usually comes back with even harder skin.

Tattooing over a keloid scar is a big no from my side because the skin of the scar is hard, and if you tattoo over it, then it might be possible that the scar will grow in size. Also, the pain would be more than usual and might be unbearable. So, I personally suggest you avoid getting a tattoo over this scar. It’s not like you cannot tattoo over it; some people have gotten a tattoo over this scar. But why would you want to go through such pain? Just avoid it and move forward.

Hypertrophic Scar:

This scar is very similar to the one you read about above, i.e., the keloid scar. It also rises above the surface area of the wound, but it is not as aggressive as the keloid scar and remains inside the wounded area.

Tattooing over a hypertrophic scar is completely okay because the tissue of the scar is more like regular skin. And it might be much easier to tattoo over this scar than the keloid scar.

Atrophic Scar:

The atrophic scar is also known as the depressed scar; they are the complete opposite of the hypertrophic scar. This scar heals below the surface of the wounded area. A person who has acne or chickenpox can understand this scar better.

Tattooing over the atrophic scar is also okay because they are like hypertrophic scars only, but they will disappear into the skin over time.

Contracture Scar:

A contracture scar is a serious complication of a burn or can also result from a large injury. This scar is healed by grabbing onto the edges of regular skin and pulling them together. This scar usually matures, thickens, and tightens the skin.

One of the most complex and painful scars to tattoo is a contracture scar because the skin is so tight and sensitive that it becomes unbearably painful for you to get a tattoo on that scar. 

I suggest you might also want to avoid tattooing this scar because you don't want to go through that pain. But it is not like you can't get a tattoo over that wound; it is actually possible to get a tattoo over this scar as well. If you are willing to bear the pain, then you can go to a professional tattoo artist and get your tattoo done.

Stretch Marks:

This isn’t the typical type of scar that occurs due to a wound, but stretch marks occur due to fat loss or weight gain in the body. The stretch marks don’t differ from regular skin, but because some tissues get damaged, it causes some discoloration.

I know stretch marks are not as severe scars as the ones mentioned above, but there are some people who want to get tattoos over their stretch marks and want to know if it is okay to get tattoos over them or not.

If you have stretch marks and are self-conscious about how they appear on your body, you can cover them up with a tattoo. Stretch marks are the easiest scar to get tattooed on; you will feel little sensation in that area, but the pain will be like a normal tattoo. So, if you are thinking of getting a tattoo over a stretch mark, then yes, you should get one over your stretch marks. According to some tattoo artists, getting a tattoo over a stretch mark is completely safe. Also, I will personally suggest you get a tattoo over stretch marks.

Tattoo artist designing a tattoo.
Choose a design that will fit your scar.

What designs can you try over scars?

So, if you are reading this, that means you have decided to get a tattoo over your scar. Then you have to look at some of the possible design options you can try for the scar tattoo designs. Before selecting a design, you must try to look at the texture of the scar—is it raised up or inside the skin? 

How will a particular design look on this scar? 

Does coloring a tattoo over a scar work? 

These are some of the questions you might want to ask before finalizing a design. You might want to avoid designs with geometric shapes and lines because they might not look that good with the scar. The designs should be flowy and something that goes well with your scar and doesn’t make that area look bad. You can also consult your tattoo artist so that he can help with selecting the design.


Once you get the tattoo done over your scar, you have to follow a proper aftercare routine, and especially when you get the tattoo done over a scar, the importance of aftercare is increased by 3 to 4 times. So, you must listen carefully to your tattoo artist when he discusses the aftercare procedure.

Final Words

So, it is not about whether tattooing over a scar is good or bad if your scar has healed properly and you wish to get a tattoo over it. It all comes down to how much pain you can bear and whether it is worth it. If you think it is okay and can bear the pain, you might want to go for it. At last, it all depends on how desperate you are to get rid of that scar.

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Author: Yash Dwivedi I am a writer in Jaipur. I have been a fan of tattoos since I was 20 years old, and I see tattoos as an art form and a form of self-expression. I am also interested in digital marketing and blogging. I like to share articles related to tattoos.

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