10 Types Of Kurtis And Styling Tips Every Woman Should Know.

kurtis for women
Kurtis for Ladies

Kurtis And Styling Tips 

This is the era of Kurtis. As time changed, Kurtis became more popular among Indian women. And why not? The unique style and the fashion statement it makes have made it a go-to choice not only for women but for young girls also.

Kurtis doesn't only look good; they feel good. Kurti provides you with a great level of comfort and ease of wearing. It can be worn both casually and formally and fit well for all occasions. It is mainly considered traditional wear but has remarkably transformed into a different style.

1. Angrakha Kurti

Angrakhs kurtis
Stylish Angrakhs kurtis

Let's go old fashion; Angrakhs kurtis have been worn for a long time. It's an elegant and traditional kurti. This kurta is tied with the help of a dori which is similar to a jacket and has two sides lay over each other. 

This dori has latakaan or a hanging piece of embodied or designed cloth, adding a gorgeous touch to the attire.

This kurti can be worn as casual or office wear and can be paired with skirts, churidars, leggings, or palazzos. Depending on the occasion, we can pair valuable jewelry like gold, silver, or even oxidized jewelry that goes well with it. 

2. Dhoti Style Kurti

Lady wearing a  Dhoti-style kurtis
 Dhoti-style kurtis

Let's bring the traditional back but with a modern touch. Dhoti-style kurtis have a completely different look and an unusual style which is a great combo of comfort and chic. This is a loos kurti from the waist down. You can go bottomless as it forms a complete dress, or it can be worn with leggings. 

These kurta sets for women are a great fit for weddings, parties, or any festival. They can be paired with ear hoops, ear jackets, or small jhumkas.

For footwear, one can go with low heels, sandals, or wedges juttis might go well with particular outfits.

3. Anarkali Kurti

Woman wearing a Anarkali kurti
Anarkali Kurti

Anarkali kurti is one of the most popular kurti . It is considered an evergreen beauty as it has been worn since the Mughal Empire. It is a perfect fusion of elegance, charm, and our long-established culture. 

It's a great outfit as it integrates with any body type and seamlessly fits well with occasions like formal parties, weddings, etc. It was mostly paired with leggings or churidars, but in recent times it is also paired with skirts, palazzo, or jeggings.

There are many versions of Anarkali, and all the versions are admired. Anarkali suits well with heavy jewelry like necklaces, jhumkas, bangles, etc. 

For footwear choices, one can go with heels if the outfit is heavy, or one can go with sandals or flats if the outfit is light.

4. Flared Kurti

woman wearing a Flared kurtis
Flared Kurtis

This kurti is one of the frequent choices of women because of its classic and modish looks. It is sometimes mistaken as an Anarkali kurti as they both have a Flared bottom, but flared kurtis are much loose and aren't a body-hugging type. 

Flared kurtis are of different lengths and patterns. Different kinds of jewelry and bottom wear can be worn with flared kurtis depending on their lengths. 

For bottom wear:

  • churidars, 
  • cigarette pants, 
  • Patiala, 
  • or straight pants are a great fit. 

For jewelry:

  • pendant
  • short earrings, 
  • long earrings, 
  • ear loops, 
  • and a simple ring goes well.

For footwear: 

  • Heels 
  • or sandals.

5. C- Shaped Kurti

C shape Kurti
 C shape Kurti

This kurti is called C shaped as in its front hem it forms a "C". This kurti is slightly similar to a high-low kurti, but the C shape makes it unique and slightly different from high-low kurti . 

This kurti goes beautifully with a slime body type. 

The light version of this kurti suits well on occasions like parties, dates, and other casual programs. 

Heavier versions can be worn at weddings and festivals. 

Bellis, sandals, or heels can be a good footwear choice, and for the bottom, wear leggings, dhoti style pants, or patialas. 

For jewelry, we can pick some classy pieces like oxidized jewelry, ear jackets, or a sleek watch.

 6. Tail Kurti

Kurti with a tail
Tail Kurti

This trendy kurti speaks loudly. That's how fashionable it is, as everyone wants to have this kurti in their collection. 

By the name, we all can guess that it has a long Tail as it is short from the front and long from the back. 

It's a trendy kurti and has been for a long time. It can be paired with jeans, leggings, or jeggings, to present a more ethnic look; it can also be paired with a jacket.

Pairing this kurti with the right jewelry and footwear is very important. 

It can be worn for several occasions like clubs, parties, and small functions, you can go with ankle strap heels, and for smaller functions, you can wear sandals, wedges, or flats. 

For the jewelry, you can go with long earrings, a simple ring, and a watch.

7. Cold Shoulder Kurti

lady wearing a Cold shoulder kurtis
Cold shoulder kurtis

Cold shoulder kurtis made a huge impact when they were introduced in the market. With their unique look and style, they became highly popular. 

With the cut on the shoulder and different lengths of the kurti, It gives a stunning look. 

It can be paired up with palazzo, jeans, leggings, and jeggings, depending on the length of the kurti.

Light jewelry like anklets, bracelets, and jhumkas goes well with it, and for footwear, you can try on wedges, juttis, and sandals.  

8. Indo-Western Kurtis


Traditional kurtis are amazing, but adding a touch of modern style to them is just amazing it makes them look more fashionable and stylish. 

These kurtis have neckline and sleeves, which are different and gives them a modern look. You are free to include cuts and slits the way you like it. 

These kurtis can be worn with various bottom wear like: 

  • jeans, 
  • shorts, 
  • leggings, 
  • jeggings, 
  • stockings, etc.

Same with the jewelry, you can pair almost all the light jewelry with it.

For footwear, you can go for bellies, casual shoes, wedges, sandals, boots, etc.

9. Shirt Kurti

shirt kurti
Enjoy wearing a shirt Kurti

This kurti has an all-different vibe to it. It's a mixture of the shirt and a kurti and a great representation of indo- western culture. It's a comfortable yet very stylish kurti. 

It can be worn formally as well as in a casual way. You can also wear it as a dress without any bottoms. 

You can pair it with jeans, jeggings, churidars, leggings, etc. These kurtis come in various lengths and various fabrics. 

We can go simple with jewelry choices like pendants, short earrings, a simple watch, or a ring.

For footwear, you can pair them up with flats, wedges, sandals, etc.

10. Overlay Kurti

overlay kurti
Overlay Kurti

The craze for this kurti is enormous. This kurti presents you with astonishing designs and makes a fashion statement. This is a west inspired kurti design. 

As the name suggests, this kurti gives a look like there are two layers of clothing on you. Your attire looks exceptionally good in this kurti. 

Leggings, Palazzo, and Salwar is a great fit, as bottom wear. 

Light jewelry like a jhumka, pendent, or neckless. 

For footwear, you can pair this kurti with sandals, wedges, or Bellis.

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