5 Traditionally Printed Outfits From Around The World You Should Own

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Printed Dresses are stylish

Printed Outfits From Around The World 

A fan of traditions and a collector of authentic artifacts would always be keen to inculcate that in their outfits collection. Moreover, it is all about being different and, more importantly, looking different.

This list of the most famous traditional prints involves art styles as old as 200-300 years. These cultures have raised their traditional printing business to an international level. This has been possible due to the rising fashion awareness and booming fashion industry competition.
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5 Traditionally Printed Outfits You Should Try

1.    Indian Textiles

Indian textiles have lived and survived a long time. It was one of the major economic contributors before and sometime after colonialism. Different parts of India have different concepts and methods of printing textiles.
Bandhani, from the west of India, is a specially dyed fabric. Pinching is done from different places of the cloth and then tied up by a thread. Thus, a pattern is made from these small tied parts, and the cloth is dried. Before use, the threads are removed. Bandhani is a soft and smooth textile. Next time you visit India, grab this thin, beautiful cloth. You can make tops, saree, kurtas, and even a scarf from it.

Block printing is another technique in India known by many names like: 
  • Kalamkari, 
  • Ikat, 
  • or Batik. 
It comes in various designs in the form of a block. You can choose what you want on your garment, and the artists will print your cloth in their style. Different artists' styles are different, so make sure you research well online and then buy them according to your taste.

2.    African Prints

African wax-printed cloth is a widespread trend in Africa, especially in West Africa. It is inspired by batik-style printing. They have incredible historical and cultural importance. They have been considered a way of non-verbal communication in the past ages, and now also, they are considered so among African women.
These prints include flora and fauna in all senses. Emotions in the form in which its print, vibrancy, and happiness are attained due to the bright colors used and peace due to the comfortable fabric and design. 
These African fabrics include variants like women's Dashiki dresses, traditional Zulu dresses, etc. You may get them online or may order from the artisans directly.

3.    Japanese Traditional Prints

Here you can carve whatever you want! Yes, you read it right. You can carve the design you select and handle those curves intensity yourself. Japanese traditional print involves wooden blocked printing. It was initially used for printing books but then as a printer for fabric.
Another major famous traditional fabric is Kimono. They have flowery prints and bright background shades. They are made from one bolt of fabric called Tamonno. Its size varies for men and women. The pattern of the Kimono would decide which season it should be worn. For instance, the print of flowers and butterflies should be worn in spring and so forth. It has a complex draping pattern to be followed for a single piece of cloth, so you need to be keen and sharp to own such a piece of art! Jokes apart, it is a comfortable and antique cloth with history, if added to your collection.

4.    Scottish Tartan

Remember those bagpiper players and the skirts you saw on TV when you were young? Aren’t they adorable and classy! You would be surprised to know that these are traditional prints of Scotland. 
They aren’t always as simple as they look. They aren’t red and black checkered cloth. There’s more to it.
Ancient tartans were dyed by using natural colors, while modern ones were printed with chemical dyes. 
  • It has royal patronage attached to it. 
  • It is available in embroidered and woven forms. 
  • They make good matte dresses, tops, and skirts. Not only can you wear them in regular usage, but during vintage party themes too.
Chinese outfits
Chinese outfits 

5.    Oriental Chinese

China’s famous prints and outfits made from them are also widely known as oriental dresses. These are ancient, as well as modern, as they have been changing and adapting through times.
They are also available in long gowns form in light colors. Oriental dresses are classified by a tight neck scheme and short sleeves. They have taken the form of oriental floral printed silk dresses that you see in your nearby stores. 
You may also have seen many people wearing it at your office. But no, it doesn’t make them less antique. Oriental print can be shaped to any dress, and the dress that you choose would decide the antiquity of the garment.

As an extra tip, there are some beautiful printed tribal clothing for women to wear and express themself.

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