Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Be A Thought Leader - Contributors are known throughout the industry for their expertise.
  • Promote your work - New eyes will see your work. Your article/ articles are seen by Inveigle Magazine's wonderful readers and social media followers.
  • Reach a new audience - Your article will be seen by Inveigle Magazine's subscribers.

Guest Post

Q: Are you accepting guest posts?
A: We are excepting guest posts, but they must fit within the guideline. Please read the guidelines carefully and use the contact info on the guideline post for a guest post.

Q. How much does a guest post cost?
A: Guest posts are free. Guest posts are not a form of advertisement for a company. They are completely different from the sponsored posts, but we do offer sponsored post opportunities.

Sponsored Post

Q. What types of sponsored post opportunities do you offer?
  • Sponsored post articles - Written by our marketing team. (Contact for more info.) 
  • Guest/Sponsored post articles - written by you or your company (Contact for more info.) 

Q. Can you tell us more about your advertisement?
A. Visit our Advertisement Page to find out more about the sponsored post and talk about how we can help you advertise your business.

Q. Who do I contact about a sponsored post (advertising) on Inveigle Magazine?
A. Contact our marketing team at for sponsored and advertising posts. Do not use this email for a guest post. Only use for a sponsored post. We are looking forward to advertising for you.

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