A Diagonal Bow Braid Hairstyle For Little Girls

A  Diagonal Bow Braid Hairstyle 

Are you a person that loves creativity and artistic work in your child's hairstyle? Do you love to be different from everyone else? Do you wish for your precious little girl to step out in style and not look just like the next child that walks out the door?

Well, check out this video tutorial of a beautiful little girl wearing a creative diagonal bow braid hairstyle. 


Make sure to watch how to part the hair very closely.
She starts the part at the end of the eyebrow on one side, going into a diagonal part until she was about an inch away from the opposite ear.  Then make the part go across to the other eyebrow. (watch the video to see)

One side of the head is braided into a neat braid. Then the loose hair is used to make the bow. It even appears like the bow part was in the original braid, but it wasn't. 

This can be worn on many occasions. I must say, she's very creative and talented at styling this little beauty's hair.

Cute girls hairstyle

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