Twist Out Tutorial On Natural Hair!

Twist Out Tutorial On Natural Hair

We have all colors and types of beautiful hair in the universe. Diversity is a beautiful thing. It gives us a wide variety of  ways to style each and everyone's hair. Take a little time and explore a variety of  hair styles.


Twist Out Style Overview

  • Detangle
  • LCO ( Liquid, Cream, Oil ) Keep Moisture In Your Hair
  • Flat Twist The Perimeter
  • Single Strand Twist Back
  • Air Dry

This is a beautiful twist out style with great moisture in it. The volume in this twist out is extremely gorgeous. Ladies, wouldn't you love to wear this style? This style has Flare. NaturalNeiicey is Rocking this Style!

Check out this video tutorial of a twist out by NaturalNeiicey  .

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