Friday, January 5, 2018

Natural Hairstyles With Clip Ins


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Stunning Natural Hairstyles by Taste Pink

Natural Hairstyles

Natural or relaxed hair is beautiful, but I'm loving these beautiful natural hairstyles for the natural hair divas. In this article, you will find some great hair tutorials on installing a clip in for natural hairstyles. She will be showing you the difference between the braided and braid-less style in one of them.


Tastepink creates stunning hairstyles for natural hair. If you want your natural hair to look glamorous with some gorgeous clip-ins check her video out.

Some of the steps in achieving another natural clip in hairstyle

  • 8-11 messy braids with a little leave out.
  • Clip extension that had 3 clips, gradually going from 3 clips to 4 clips.
  • Don't press comb into the scalp.
  • Spaced the weft about 1 finger width apart.
  • Used 2 bundles for the fullness.
  • Take the longest weft that has 5 clips, and wrap closely around the leave out.
  • Replace the remaining weft to fill in space.

* Check out tastepink video to find out her full technique for achieving this look; as well, as the products she used.

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