Packing for that fabulous vacation

What To Pack For That Fabulous Vacation

Packing For That Fabulous Vacation

Are you ready to travel around the world? Are you ready for a fun vacation in the sun? Pick out your swimsuit for some fun on the beach or on a tropical island drinking a little glass of whatever you like to drink. Don't get too wasted, because you need to stay aware of your surroundings. Everyone is not your friend. After all, I want you to return home safe and happy. But before you leave for your trip, there are some necessary items you will need for most trips.

tropical island
Tropical Island

Essential things to pack for traveling

Make sure you write out a checklist at least a week before you leave, so you won't forget anything.

1. ID and Passport: 

Before leaving, make sure to renew your passport if it has expired. Don't get to the airport, just to be turned around from spending that wonderful vacation in paradise.

Put your passport in a safe place

Make sure to put your ID and Passport in a safe place, but where you can easily retrieve it at the appropriate times. After all, you don't want to be in an airport searching for the credentials you need to get to your vacation paradise. That can cause you to panic and lose your sense of direction.

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2. Empty water bottle:

If traveling by plane, I suggest you take an empty water bottle for you to fill up from the water fountains after you are cleared through security. That way, you won't have to pay an arm and a leg just for some H2O.

3. Phone charger:

You may want to have a portable charger, just in case you can't find a plug.

Cell Phone Use While On Vacation

Some airlines have mobile apps for your boarding pass, so you don't have to worry about losing that paper boarding pass. This is also a big help in knowing your next gate number earlier; instead of, having to stand in a crowd and search for a board for the gate number. It actually pops up on your phone. At least mine does. 

Make sure your phone is fully charged before leaving home, and don't forget to pack a cell phone charger to recharge it in the car or airport. You know we need our phones for a line of communication with the rest of the world via talking, text, or social media. Here are a few more packing and traveling tips while Planning an airplane flight.

Suit Cases

Packing Tips

  • Write a checklist
  • Pack Phone Charger.
  • Roll clothes to fit more in the suitcase.
  • Take a white shirt or blouse because it goes with anything.
  • Take something to keep warm just in case the temperature is different. 
  • Pack a dryer sheet in the suitcase to keep it smelling great.
  • Check with the TSA rules to see approved items if you are flying.
It's always good to know some Airport Tips for Traveling to your wonderful destination.

I wish you all a safe and happy vacation from Arica G.

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