Tyra Banks Slays Fashion

Tyra Banks Fashion Style

Tyra Banks is looking fabulous in these alluring dresses. She looks as if she just stepped off the runway with this adorable pink dress clinging to her waistline. The top of the dress appears to be a beautiful sheer material with the sleeves flaring out and embracing the wrist. The neckline has the appearance of a beautiful scarf tied into a creative bow with a peek a boo cut out.


We are in love with this dress that appears as if it was sculpted on her beautiful waistline. It is stunning. It is a winner! It is Fabulous! I wouldn't mind stepping out in that dress. Rock it Tyra. Rock it!

 Tyra Banks in a beautiful pink dress

Ladies take note and always keep your fashion style on point.

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Tyra Banks In This Attractive Pink Dress

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Tyra Banks In A Stunning Black Dress

This cute dress has slits on the shoulder and ties around the neck. This dress can glam a lady up in a sophisticated type of way.

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