Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Diverse And Stunning Hairstyles By Naomi Brooks

black hair style
Hair- Naomi Brooks- The Hair SanctuaryMua - Ellie May Beesley,
 Photographer and copyright Jensey B Photography

Diverse And Stunning Hairstyles

Hairstyles can be very diverse, unique, and beautiful. A beautiful hair style gives a woman an exquisite look that makes her appear as if she's the only one in the room. Have you ever attended an event where you saw a stunning lady walk into the room with glamorous hair? You stare in amazement! Sometimes it makes you want to snap a photo! That's right, you go into paparazzi mode! Well, ladies keep your hair and makeup right so you can always look magnificent.

These beautiful ladies are rocking their stunning hairstyles created by Naomi Brooks. They are ready for the occasion and are looking fierce with beautiful makeup and hair.  I'm loving this beautiful up-do sculpted to perfection with a lovely braid in the crown. Rock your style ladies, Rock your Styles!

hairstyles for black women
Hair- Naomi Brooks- The Hair Sanctuary, Mua - Ellie May Beesley,
 Photographer and copyright Jensey B Photography

I'm also loving these alluring free-flowing tresses, highlighted with just the right amount of color to pique your interest.

Hairstyle- Naomi Brooks- The Hair Sanctuary
Hair- Naomi Brooks- The Hair Sanctuary, Mua - Rachy Creative
 Photographer and copyright Jensey B Photography

hairstyles with color
Hair- Naomi Brooks- The Hair Sanctuary, Mua - Rachy Creative,
 Photographer and copyright Jensey B Photography

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