Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Curly Braidless Crochet Hairstyle | Inveigle Magazine


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Curly Braidless Crochet Hairstyle by tastePink

Curly Braidless Crochet Hairstyle

Curly, Wavy, straight, or natural hairstyles can be for the sophisticated modern-day women all over the nation! You name it, we will wear it with style and class. Why not have a diverse array of styles to choose from for any given day of the year! Curly two-toned hair can be extraordinary and get you noticed at the drop of a dime.

Take a look at these 2 hair tutorials by tastePink for when you want to rock some crochet hair without braids and look stylish. She is slaying her front V-shaped textured mohawk style! Rock it! Rock that hairstyle!

Protection for the hair- apply a little water to the sides.

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