Loose Hair Styles with A Braided Crown

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Loose Hair Styles with A  Braided Crown 

Loose Hair Styles with A Braided Crown 

Braids are very intriguing, charming, and attractive styles. You don't always have to have all of your hair braided and pinned up. Why not leave some loose and feel a little free-flowing hair blowing in a beautiful cool breeze. Let the wind blow through your hair and march to the beat. Rock your hairstyle with character and be that chic woman everywhere you go!

Do you like braids, but prefer your hair to hang on your neck? Well, this may be the styles for you because you're accentuating your crown with something you like and leaving the remainder of the hair in something you love which makes for a style that is desired and appreciated. Remember to rock your styles ladies! Rock your style with a braided crown!

These are hair styles with a braided crown. 

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