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Yoga Benefits

The benefits of yoga

Yoga Benefits

There are many benefits to yoga. It has been known to help a variety of things; such as flexibility, blood pressure, joint range of motion, boost immunity, and blood sugar levels.

Some Benefits of Yoga

Yoga benefits
Some benefits of yoga


Different yoga poses help to loosen tight muscles making them more flexible. Muscles tend to trap lactic acid which has accumulated; therefore, Yoga loosens those muscles and gives them the ability to be more flexible in your everyday activities with less stiffness. 

You know how sometimes you may barely be able to get out of a chair. Well, let's put an end to that! Loosen those muscles up, and become flexible and vibrant.


Blood Pressure

Yoga can help decreases blood pressure. The movements and poses help distribute oxygen through the body leading to better circulation.

Benefits of Yoga
Yoga Benefits

Joint range of motion

A study at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine indicated that joint range of motion was improved by participants who practiced yoga. According to Nurse

Boost Immunity

Sometimes we are going about our normal life and all of a sudden a cold sneaks its ugly head upon us. I know you've had that happen before. Unfortunately, We all Have! 

That's when our bodies tend to get weak and keep us from doing our normal daily activities. Then we run to the store for antibiotics and other medicines.


Hold up - Wait a Minute! Let's get this straight! That is the reason why we should prepare our body to help fight against colds and diseases before that starts to happen.  

We should start taking some preventive care, like Yoga to boost our immune system.  If our immune system is strong, it helps to fight against colds and diseases. 

According to The Art Of Living,

When sick, antibiotics and other medicine can help the body recover from disease. However, what medicine fails to do is improve the body’s immune system. This is where yoga comes to the rescue! Yoga is one of the most effective and time-tested natural immunity boosters that can lead to a healthy, sickness-free body. Yoga lowers stress hormones and strengthens the nervous system while also stimulating the lymphatic system, which removes toxins from the body. Yoga calms the mind and can contribute to deeper, regulated sleep, which is crucial for wellness; sleep is one of the most important factors in healing and maintaining a healthy immune system.

Here are some Yoga poses for immunity.

Blood Sugar

Yoga can help your hair, blood circulation, and stress in various ways.

Yoga can be beneficial to an individual's health. For instance, yoga poses may help with diabetes by lowering a person's blood sugar in some cases.

Check with your doctor before starting your workout routine to see if it fits your needs.

Now that you know some of the benefits of yoga, you may want to try and add it to your health and fitness routine, if your doctor says its fine for you! Have an awesome day!

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