Friday, January 12, 2018

Stop Judging Situations While Looking From The Outside


Stop Judging

Stop Judging Situations

Sometimes we get sad and depressed about things that are going on in our life. After all, we are only human and go through different phases of life that can cause different effects in each and every one of our lives. We tend to think if only my life was like theirs. If only I had a big house, a great job, and well-behaved kids, life would be much easier. Have you ever thought of the things it took to get to where these people are in life? Have you ever heard anyone give a testimony about a life situation that you would have thought they would never have been through? Nobody is perfect and nobody's life is perfect, but what is perfect is how we get through things and overcome obstacles that could have hindered our life forever. Stop judging situations while looking from the outside!

Financial Situations

Have you ever thought about how many hours that person had to put in at work being away from their family to be able to provide that humongous house? There are sacrifices to be made in everything we do. Some sacrifices are smaller than others; meanwhile, some people take the ultimate sacrifice to provide for their family and loved ones because they don't want them to go without their essential needs in life. Even though business women and businessmen are providing a wonderful lifestyle for their children, it can be depressing to not be able to see their children and interact with them as often as possible because they are working exhausting hours.


Then you have those that look at other people's marriage and think, "wow, I wish I had that type of marriage "! I wish I had a husband that looked at me all the time with admiration and love! I wish I had a wife that cleaned and didn't constantly nag all the time. I wish I had this or that! Well, remember, sometimes we have to clean up our own self before always asking stuff of others. Are we being patient and kind? Are we being loving and understanding of what our spouse is feeling?  Do we know what that person had to do to get their marriage the way it is today? Do we know their testimony of how they overcame obstacles in their marriage and how they stuck it out depending on the situation? Do we even know what the woman or man that did go through a divorce went through to get to the point of no return? I don't condone any type of abuse so if there's abuse in your relationship I advise you to seek help. All marriages are not the same. Make your marriage and wedding the way you want it to be. Dance to your own beat with kindness and love!

All marriages are not the same


Nobodies perfect and children may make mistakes as they continue through their growing process, but we should always be willing to guide and lead them in the right direction. Never put another parent down for a mistake a child has made, because you never know if the other shoe will fall in your family. It takes a village to raise a child; therefore, be willing to give encouragement to a child!

Give encouragement to Children

Make sure to do whats best for your marriage and children; meanwhile, securing your financial situation to best take care of your family. Have a blessed day, not judging others!

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