Eido Swimwear: Stylish Swimwear By Designer Tayo Ishola

Eido Swimwear for stylish women

Eido Stylish Swimwear For An Elegant Day

Don't you love to look classy and elegant on a nice summer day at the beach as you watch the waves rush onto the shore; meanwhile, walking along the seaside? The wind may blow gently creating the perfect breeze to blow your resort swimwear by Tayo Ishola.

Eido Swimwear on Inveigle Magazine
Eido Swimwear

You say, What is Resort swimwear! It is a type of swimwear that caught my eye because I love an elegant appearance for certain occasions. It is a line that a woman desires to flaunt on the seashore with grace and elegance. 

Yes, she has a variety of styles of swimwear; ranging from, 
  • bikinis, 
  • one-pieces, 
  • and resort styles.
Tayo Ishola, a Nigerian-born fashion model, created a stunning swimwear collection called Eido Swimwear that will catch the eyes of many. Eido swimwear is based in sunny Miami. 

Check out "Edio Swimwear" for the appropriate swimsuit that can keep you looking stunning while enjoying some fun in the sun away from a busy day at the office where you have to dress for business.

Eido Swimwear
Take a stroll along the pier with style

Swimwear Collection Name

"Eido’, a Greek word meaning ‘to know’ or ‘to be aware’, Eido swimwear is constructed for the woman who is undoubtedly aware of who she is, and is totally comfortable in her skin. The ideal Eido woman does not yearn for validation; she is an energetic woman who desires to swim in style and stand out!"

Be energetic and swim in style!

Interview with Tayo Ishola

Let's Have A Talk with Designer, Tayo Ishola:

Tayo, Let me start off by saying all of your swimwear collection is stunning! What inspired you to design such an impressive swimwear collection with a variety of styles for all types of women?
I am so humbled, thank you so much! Eido Swimwear was founded upon a few values centered around embracing and celebrating strong women from all walks of life, and at the core of those values is that we love to acknowledge the woman who absolutely knows who she is and strives to live life in a state of awareness and consciousness. 

To do that, there is a spirit of excellence that has to be at work through the creation process, because these pieces are made to embrace great, and excellent women. 

Eido Swimwear, swimsuits
Inspire someone with your style

These pieces also serve as an emblem of pride and always carry more in-depth meaning than meets the eye, and strive to start conversations between the wearer and the people they encounter. That longing to measure up to the standard that an excellent woman would want to identify with is where the idea of each piece is conceived from.

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Stylish Swimwear By  Designer Tayo Ishola 

Your Resort collection blew me away. Some women are a little conservative and want the option to still fit in; meanwhile, wearing swimwear that is elegant. 

What made you decide to design the Resort Collection?

Your words are so kind; thank you so much! I feel like swimwear is not complete without resort wear. Every time the Eido Woman packs her bags to go on vacation, she's packing bikinis and comfortable outfits to wear throughout her stay, but she's still trying to stand out.
luxury Resort wear
Inspire the love of swimming with your style

The goal is to be able to provide her with the body-flattering options to cover up or show more skin as she pleases through our variety of bikini and one-piece bathing suit options, to kaftans, dresses, and two-piece sets seen in our resort wear collection.

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Elegance in swimwear is classy

Put your heels up and relax at the beach in style. 

Is there anything you would like our readers to know about Eido Swimwear?

Of course! A lot of people usually ask what Eido means; It is a Greek word meaning ‘to know’ or ‘to be aware'.

Relax and enjoy a stylish day

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