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Bikini crop-top with choker straps
Bikini crop-top with choker straps that tie around the neck.

Stylish Eido Swimwear 

Summertime is a great time to explore the water in so many ways; ranging, from oceans, lakes, cruises, swimming pools, and more. Having just the right swimsuit can be perfect for a day out on the beach with friends and loved ones, or a nice vacation. Women love to look fashionable in a swimsuit with the right design and fit to accentuate their curves. 

Eido Swimwear - Bikini
Bikini Crop-Top


Be sophisticated and bold as you relax on the ocean side catching a breeze and remembering how life can be so sweet.

I love the way fashion Designer Tayo Ishola of Eido Swimwear creates such exquisite garments for swimming at a variety of events or places. It's hard to choose which ones to purchase when there are so many magnificent options to choose from.

Bikini Swimwear on Inveigle Magazine
Bikini Swimwear

Eido Swimwear has such a stunning and fabulous selection of swimsuits for those relaxing days around the water while posing for a swimming pool shot, or laying on the white sand at the beach.

You can choose from a variety of swimwear styles; such as,

  • Bikinis - a sexy look
  • One-piece - sexy but more modest than a bikini.
  • Build your own - Customize it to fit your own idea of the perfect swimsuit for your taste.
  • Resort wear - a very elegant look.

Beach Resort Wear

Resort wear on  Inveigle Magazine
Resort wear

 Be ready to look elegant at the beach while having some fun. Show a little leg in your stylish resort wear.

Resort wear
Resort wear

Have a blessed and beautiful day wearing your stunning swimsuit!

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