Monday, June 25, 2018

Pamella Roland Fall 2018/2019 New York | Fashion


Fashion by Pamella Roland

Fashion determines the identity of the type of items you aspire to have in your wardrobe closet. Are you a person that loves chic and elegant fashion styles? Are you considered to be an Influencer in your network? Do people follow your fashion styles? Do they often ask you about your latest fashion purchase? Well, you are a leader in today society of elegant apparel. Take a look at this video and you may find some more styles that catch your eyes.

At the start of this fashion show, my eyes gazed at a captivating white dress with a beautiful, long white coat flowing elegantly down the runway. The long, chic coat blended with some stunning fur that was mesmerizing to the eyes. It appears as if fur and long jackets may be dominating this fall. Take a look at these fashion styles in the video below.

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