School Tips And Hacks Everyone Should Know!! DIY Life Hacks

School tips and hacks
School tips and hacks

School Tips For Everyone

Are you eager to head out and get that excellent education? Are you ready for the everyday activities of classes, homework, and studying? Back to school can be stressful if you are not prepared. No worries here! Let's get you prepared with some of these great back-to-school tips and life hacks.

It's time to get those book bags for school and retreat to the classroom to retrieve as much knowledge as possible. Make sure you or your child use both backpack straps across their shoulders, so they won't put too much strain on one shoulder. After all, who can study when they are in pain? Learn about school tips and school supplies also.

 Driving To School

Take the time to be safe as you drive to school as well. The driver and all passengers should safely secure themselves by wearing a seat belt at all times. If small children are present, be sure to have them in a car seat or a beautiful booster seat before dropping them off at their destination.

Remember there have been various car accidents that happen on the way to school; therefore, be sure to not use your mobile devices while driving. We want you to arrive safely at your destination. Here is a parent-teen driving agreement for you to look over.

 A higher-quality diet is associated with better grades

Eat Nutritiously

Make sure to eat a well-balanced breakfast before school. Healthy nutrition helps children and adults appear to be sufficiently prepared to learn. Nutrition helps protect children from frequent illnesses that can be caused by a lack of adequate vitamins. 

If people are sick less, it gives them the ability to come to school and perform better. This gives them a better chance to reach their dreams and goals.

"Researchers generally find that a higher quality diet is associated with better performance on exams, and that programs focused on increasing students’ health also show modest improvements in students’ academic test scores.  Other studies find that improving the quality of students’ diets leads to students being on task more often, increases math test scores, possibly increases reading test scores, and increases attendance." - Course Hero

School Life Hacks 

Some back-to-school life tips for high school and college students: (outline of the tips in the video below)

  • Wake up on time: You can wake up on time by putting an alarm in a cup to project a louder ring so you can hear it.
  • Overheating laptops: Keep a coffee tray to put under your laptop while laying on the bed to help keep it from overheating.
Put under your laptop while drinking coffee

  • Fix your bookbag zipper: When the zipper jams, use a pencil to get the jam out.
Learn ways to fix your zipper on the bookbag
  • Make a magazine holder: Use a cereal box to make a cute magazine holder.
  • Correct mistakes: Change your letters to lowercase when you accidentally write them in all capital letters. 
  • Water: Keep track of your water intake. 
  • Ways to study on the go: Keep cards with notes on them everywhere you go. Pull them out anytime you have free time.
  • To-Do-List: Make a whiteboard for a to-do list. This video shows you how to use a picture frame.
  • Notes: Color-code your notes. Use about 4 different colors for different topics.

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