The Next Great Fashion Style Might Be Your Cotton Shorts

The denim jeans were your entry point into wearing pants, but this shorter version of pants is clearly the next. Call them shorts! Maria Vizuette of Mia Mia Mine could give you so much inspiration when it comes to wearing denim jeans, but can’t we switch this up a bit with shorts?
For the longest time now, shorts were considered a baby’s cloth. Get to the playing centers and see cute baby boys wearing blue shorts while pretty baby girls wear pink shorts. But thanks to the fact that style has no limits as fashion does! With style, you can completely turn the tables and get to embrace your choice of fashion effortlessly.
So please, since the idea of being too old to actually wear shorts is a cliché, stock a couple of them in your closet and rock them anywhere like a style diva!
In the streets of New York, Rihanna will be spotted rocking denim cut-off shorts like the fashionista she is while Macy Stucke will also comfortably rock her denim shorts to the streets and layer a camel coat.
Everything denim shorts!

Frankly speaking, if everyone had to wear shorts, they’d first go for a pair of denim shorts and dress them up accordingly. But what if you are already tired of these great staples? Then embrace cotton shorts. Cotton is always a nice fabric. Depending on the design that you’d want for your outfit, you could actually get the best type of shorts with this.
It is always easy to rock shorts and depending on the occasion, you can actually get the right shorts that will leave all eyes on you. But just how do you style shorts for an effortlessly chic vibe?


1. Show off skin strategically for a cool concert vibe.

Get ready for those cool concert vibes in fashion style

Since shorts will obviously let you flaunt your long legs, you should know the art of showing off skin strategically. If you agree with me, too much skin doesn’t always look as decent, right?
So if you are looking for a way to show off your pretty legs, then balance the whole look in a cute pair of shorts. I mean, since it’s time to look edgy yet decent, consider what sort of tops you’ll have for your shorts.
In this set, the pair of silk burgundy shorts leaves the pretty legs out and since the poncho top covers the upper body, the whole outfit looks proportional. Thus, attention will be drawn to your long legs and not just everywhere.

2. Embrace cute bralettes for a sexy beach vibe.

Cotton shorts
Rock your fashion on the beach with style

Beach vibes will be the death of us, right?
If you cherish basking in the sun by the beach in Bali, then you should probably know by now that not only bikinis can be worn to the beach but also a cute pair of shorts, right?
If you want to visit the beach markets or go on a beach date while still maintaining your sexy aura, then perfectly style shorts to achieve this. How? Throw your pretty shorts over your bikini and rock a pair of chunky heels then you’ll be good to go! We all love our bikini bralettes since they are always too gorgeous!

3. Layer for a fine night date.

Trench coat, shorts
Put on your red pumps and shorts for date night

Pretty layers are everyone’s must-haves! If you are yet to join the bandwagon, then start by getting a gorgeous trench coat or even a cape coat. Not only will this one be good during colder seasons but can also serve you while off to a date night.
Since we all want to look sexy during our date nights, it is probably not good to ‘freeze-and-shine’. I mean, instead of wearing that little black dress and shivering all night long, why not wear the pretty high-waisted cotton shorts then layer a trench coat?

4. Go for thigh highs for an edgy street vibe.

Thigh highs, shorts
Rock your thigh highs with shorts

Ever felt like everyone was looking at you while you walked along the streets? Well, that is what we call getting attention!
I believe that we should cherish getting all the amounts of attention especially when it’s because of our great dressing, right? So when you want to draw all eyes on you, then an edgy combination is what you’ll need! I mean, just them ‘em thigh highs and rock them for your shorts! I’m certain that with how edgy, sophisticated and polished this look is, anyone would wear it all week long, right?
Well, if you aren’t convinced that a cute pair of shorts can be so versatile, then you haven’t gotten a gorgeous one yet! A pair of cotton shorts can be more versatile than a pair of denim shorts which tend to be more laid-back thus provide a very casual feel. With proper pairing, you can rock cotton shorts anywhere like a style pro!
Happy Styling Ladies!

Guest Author: Dalene Ekirapa is a fashion, travel, and lifestyle blogger at Dalene Ekirapa-The Quintessence of Life and Style. If she is not reading, then find her writing. And if she is not singing, then find her playing the guitar.

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