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 Common Conflicts in relationships

Handling Conflicts in A Relationship 

Many relationships may experience conflict at some point and time in life. No two people are perfect in this world; nor do they have the same exact views in life. You may have the ability to develop a healthy relationship if each of you takes the proper time to determine peaceful ways to resolve any concerns that may arise. Always remember, successful relationships look for ways to solve the problem and then let it go; instead of, continually bringing it up. 

They invest their time into self-care and taking care of the issue instead of constantly criticizing their lover. Who wants to be in a relationship with a person always attacking them?  Consider how learning to handle conflict can transform your relationship.

You can be angry with your partner; however, still, find ways to nurture the love by staying close to each other. Your goal should be to keep toxic people out of your relationship; meanwhile, working together as a team. While playing football, soccer, basketball, or any other sport, you should not fight with your teammate, because it may cause you to not concentrate on defending your teammate from the opposing team.

Likewise, you need to be empowered to find ways to protect your spouse by safeguarding your relationship with the appropriate team members. By that, I mean, while in this game of love, don't let the enemy know when you are having difficulties in your relationship. Be cautious of who you talk to about your relationship. The main person you should communicate with is your companion. They are your friend and teammate. 

Aim to have only the type of friends that will help nurture your relationship; instead of tearing it down. Surround yourself with family and friends who have a positive impact on your marriage and life!

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Be Surrounded by people who encourage the relationship

According to FamilyLife,
"Wordsworth said, “He who has a good friend needs no mirror.” Blessed is the marriage where both spouses feel the other is a good friend who will listen, understand, and work through any problem or conflict. To do this well takes loving confrontation."

How to resolve conflict in a relationship:

Don't give up

Never give up on the love you two share, unless it may cause harm to you. In that case, seek help. Otherwise, try to bring back the love you once shared together.

Don't use sarcasm

Sarcasm can destroy the faith your partner has in you. Help them keep the faith that you won't embarrass them nor run over them. Nobody wants to be with someone who will constantly embarrass them with sarcastic remarks.

Don't compare

Don't compare your mate to anyone else. This can cause hurt and pain. You wouldn't want to be compared to someone else either.

Don't be violent

Don't throw, yell, or curse at each other. It's inappropriate and diminishes the chances of creating a warm, nurturing environment of love.

Don't walk away

You can't accomplish the goal of healing the conflict if you don't try.

Pick a time to discuss your problems calmly and quietly without interference.

  • Put kids to bed early.
  • Set the recorder for your favorite TV show.
  • Turn off the phone or put it on silent.

Sit with your mate

  • Touch each other to help eliminate stress.
  • Don't blame each other, but try to solve the problem together.
  • Admit when you have made a mistake and apologize.
  • Always remember no two people are just alike; therefore, you will sometimes have different views. It's all in how you talk it out; instead of, arguing it out.
  • Try to discover what is right; instead of, who is right.
According to Focus On The Family,
  • "Stick to the problem at hand. Focus on the current conflict, and don't accuse your spouse of "always" or "never" behaving a certain way. Putting your spouse on the defensive is never wise.
  • Get on the same side of the fence. Rather than attempting to resolve an issue "my way" or "your way," work toward a solution that represents "our way."
  • Try to identify the core issue. Arguments often arise because of events or issues that disguise the real problem. Consider what attitudes or beliefs are motivating your behavior for clues as to what the core issue in any conflict is.
  • Don't be a mind reader. Discuss your beliefs and expectations openly. Don't try to interpret your spouse's thoughts or motives from his or her behavior; instead, ask direct questions. Likewise, don't expect your spouse to know what you are thinking."
Avoid a high volume of conflicts by traveling to a charming destination to enjoy a delightful vacation unitedly. This may help you avoid undesirable disputes by giving you both time in a stress-free atmosphere that nurtures the relationship. Sometimes a little relaxation is beneficial for a family. It also gives you time to remember why you are in love.

Always affirm to your mate that you love them and that your relationship is a priority in your life. When you started dating, got engaged, and married that person, you had so much love for them that you constantly anticipated spending time together. Spend time trying to make each other feel good again with laughter and fun. Have a blessed and enjoyable day!


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