Why We Love Fashion (And You Should, Too!)

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Why We Love Fashion

Why We Love Fashion (And You Should, Too!)

Why do we love fashion? We are so fascinated with the latest styles and fashion trends to hit the runway every year. Is it the look of the clothes? Is it the way it makes us feel when we get dressed up for those wonderful and exciting occasions? Let's dive deeper into it and find out why we love fashion and the new trends that come out each year.

Fashion can express how we are feeling at the time. For instance, when we are tired, we tend to want to dress more relaxedly. 

I believe that our style can be impacted by Influencers in our life; such as: 

Fashion styles for women
Women with fashion style

Diverse ways of buying Stylish Fashion

As we all know, clothing protects our bodies from the elements; meanwhile, it gives us a fantastic appearance for a variety of occasions. We have so many convenient ways to find the right fashion and accessories for our needs. 

For instance, we can go into a brick-and-mortar store; as well as, stay in our homes and order online with the convenience of the internet. The great thing about it is shopping for fashion is exciting. 

We can even lookout for the latest sales on classic and trendy men's clothes or trendy women's clothes

Fashion is such a personal statement to the world about what you like. You can express yourself by being creative and diverse with the styles you choose to wear. Not only in public but in the comfort of your home as well with his and her Kimonos.

Don't you love shopping online and visiting boutiques to update your wardrobe? 

Don't you love mixing and matching the perfect outfit? 

Who wouldn't love all the diverse styles available to us today?

Facial  Expressions 

You can even show yourself stylish in facial expressions and living standards. Have you ever seen a person with the most stunning attire on, but their attitude and expression on their face made them appear to look worn down and out of date. 

No matter if they have an eye for the right colors and texture, they need to have the right type of expression to magnify the look.

Imagine seeing a lady walking down the street in the most stunning dress and pumps, but she has her lips stuck out. 

What will your eyes be drawn to watch more? 

Is it an appealing look? 

Can you pay attention to the fashion statement? 

In other words, try to keep a beautiful smile while wearing your elaborate clothing.

Fashion impacts our economy.

Let's face it, fashion is important to our economy. It Influences the amount of money spent in stores, which in turn impacts the decisions of a business to stay open. 

What store wants to stay open if they are not making a profit? 

When you see those new styles of handbags hit the department stores, do you rush out to the store to get that latest Michael Kors Handbag

While you're at the store, your eyes wander to the perfect pair of shoes to match it. That's how the cycle began, but believe it or not, you are helping those employees keep their job. 

Fashion boosts the economy; meanwhile, creating jobs for a considerable amount of people.

Don't get me wrong! Don't buy anything you can't afford, but there is nothing wrong with purchasing items that make you feel glamorous. 

Don't you think you should love fashion? Don't you think looking stylish is a great thing for your personal and business life? 

Why not keep helping the economy; meanwhile, stepping out in those stunning dresses, heels, and purses? 

Oh and you men can look hunky in those striking jeans, suits, and shoes that make women go crazy. 

That's right! There is more than meets the eyes in today's fashion styles. There are a lot of fashion adventures which you haven't thought of and can surely take for granted. 

DIY Fashion  -VS- Social Status Fashion Styles

Clothing can be reused to create a variety of fashion styles that can leave you transforming your living room into a runway. 

Yes, you are the star. There have been so many great ideas come out over the years that can help people to make a fashion trend without buying an enormous amount of new clothing at that particular time. 

There are a variety of ways to enhance the style of your old clothes and still make a fashion statement. 

Unfortunately, everyone doesn't have the finances to Keep Up With The Jones. You know when you want your fashion statement and dream house to be of certain social status. 

All I can say is don't spend what you can't afford. Enjoy life and love fashion to the best of your ability with the styles you like, and the funds you have; meanwhile, saving money.

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