Monday, November 5, 2018

Wilfredo Gerardo's Fall Winter 2018/ 2019 Fashion Show


Wilfredo Gerardo Fall Winter Fashion Show

Do you wear fashion styles that make eyes pop when you enter the room?  You know, when they turn heads and watch as you strut across the walkway. Do you desire to stand out in the latest must-have fashion styles and luxury handbags? Many of us aspire to keep fit and maintain a ladylike appearance; meanwhile, wearing a phenomenal outfit that keeps an audience curious about who we are.

These designs are a real force in the fashion industry with beautiful textures and silhouettes. They have a vibe of chic, polished, and sophistication which can update a person's appearance from drab to fab in a matter of seconds. Some of the designs have beautiful trains; as well as, dresses with flowing, flashy sleeves dangling as the model struts the runway.

Why not show a little leg with a long fitting dress and a split that climbs the leg, Take a look at these beautiful designs in the video below.


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