DIY Decor Ideas: How to make your living room shine like a star?

Living room decor
DIY Decor Ideas: How to make your living room shine like a star?

DIY Decor Ideas: How to make your living room shine like a star?

The living room is the centerpiece of your home. And when it comes to décor, your living room holds the highest stakes in setting the theme for your entire house. It makes a house feel like a home and hence should feel warm and inviting. From enjoying fun cocktails with friends to relaxing with your favorite TV shows, your living room is where your home feels alive and happening. And hence lighting this part of your home well will ensure your house feels lit, bright and full of energy. While the sun graces its presence in the day, as the dawn falls, lighting up your homes in beautiful styles can be a wonderful way of bringing life to the place. Here are some amazing décor ideas that will fall within your budget but create a grandeur with lights in your living space.

1. Pick some interior greenery:

Decorative indoor plants are a majestic addition to your homes. These are striking features to the living room that make the place look more lively and interactive. Small plants placed around the living room can give you a taste of fresh vibes within the place.  You can set the mood with a mixture of plants placed at various areas in the room including tables, near curtains, near the television set or even look for majestic centerpiece like designs. You can also use succulents to add a charming look to your living space as these are subtle ways of introducing greenery to your indoors.
Modern art inspired vases and pots are the best choices to match your modern and stylish décor. You can hand paint some vases or wrap them in colorful woolen threads or pebbles and use them in the decor. Metallic or ceramic vases are a better choice for traditional decor themes that offers an antique look to the room. They require very less area and can also match your furniture or theme well. You can also go for hanging potted plants on the wall or choose miniature plant decorations such as in old glass bottles to add a colorful twist to the place.

2. Wall Art: 

If you have chosen a rather modern decor for your living space, then the wall can be a wonderful way of lighting up your room in colors. You can complement the simple and elegant colors of the wall or furniture using bold and dramatic modern art pieces. You can choose geometric 3D wall arts which add a unique touch to your homes. Simple artworks consisting of patterns and geometric shapes that embed color into your decor can be a great way of decorating your living room. These are simple DIY wall arts that require a splash of colors and some canvas to lay them on. 

Similarly, you can also try using wood scraps, aluminum foil, and create decorative quotes that you can hang on the walls around the house. Alternatively, you can use photo collage to brim the room with beautiful memories. You can work around with a mixture of these elements on the wall and decorate the space around a theme.

Wall art

3. Lighten up with mystical lanterns: 

Lantern lighting is beacons of the old-world living and is a symbol of classic charm. Glass lanterns are making their way back into décor these days, and these gracefully work both independently as well as with chandeliers and mini pendant lights. Lanterns bring out the rustic and sophisticated look to the living room and can get utilized within it in multiple ways. Strings of lanterns can decorate a wall in your living room along with some decorative pieces for display. This type of décor would be a rather bold and bright lighting idea for your living room.

Placing lanterns in different corners of the room,  on side tables, center table, near the entrance, or close to windows are some simple and suitable lighting ideas. You can pick out bright colored and decorative lanterns or go for a simple textile style to match your living room theme. These lanterns are great for wooden décor. 

You can also choose LED candles that are long-lasting as well as safe and easy to use. You can work with large hanging lanterns as your centerpiece for smaller living rooms or hallways.

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4. Monochromes with a pop:

Using a combination of soft and neutral colors for the theme, and reflecting the monochrome style will look amazing. Spread these colors across your decor and walls to create a simple base to top your decor on.  You can match them with some centerpieces, lanterns, showpieces, and tables which introduce a pop of bold and bright colors such as red, pink, orange, green. You can make these elements at home using bottles, baskets, spoons, and splash bold colors to them. You can also introduce colors using flowers, ribbons, curtains, and cushions.  It can help you emphasize the main seating area and create a focal point in the décor.
For large living space, you can also look for multiple colors around these neutral shade instead of depending completely on one base color from the theme. You can also go for random patterns on one main wall and use colorful decor that can make the room look well lit and extravagant. Modern decor enjoys the use of colorful and showstopper elements that brings in a lot of style to the entire setting. You can hence add some pendant lamps, modern coffee tables, recliners and swings into small spaces and create an amazing living space.

Source: Elle Decor

5. Ottomans and bean bags: 

Your living room can always use some extra seating spaces to accommodate guests, especially during parties. But extending your furniture numbers can be done in a subtle fashion using ottomans and bean bags. While ottomans can be chosen to fit in any kind of decor, bean bags usually create a more casual and modern vibe. You can pick ottomans with geometric patterns or make them out of recycled bottles, wood and use them well in your living room. Use pillows and cushions and stack them up on bean bags. It can be a good way of giving a formal look to bean bags and using them in the main decor. For a dramatic effect go for fur or tassel covered ones and match the decor theme with it.

bean bag

6. Majestic mirrors on the wall:

Mirrors are the most practical fixtures that you need to utilize in your living room. If your living room needs to look vibrant with lots of light and colors, then mirrors can be a great way of doing it. You can start with simple mirrors in the center of the main wall to create a focal point for the living room. You can use the wall around to decorate using pipes, threads, strings, spoons, and even smaller mirrors. These items can be used well to create a centerpiece for the walls. You can utilize geometric mirrors in the room to create the illusion of a window. Wreath mirrors can also be used to introduce a floral vibe to the decorations. Complimenting your lighting with mirror placements can be the best addition to rooms with just one or few lighting fixtures which cannot provide enough light to make the entire place look lit.
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Source: Homebnc

You can experiment with DIY furniture around the living room. They take up very little space and look classy in the décor. Use these simple decor ideas for your living rooms and let it shine like a star wrapped by these mystical decors.

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