10 Best Destinations In France For Families

Destinations to visit in France

France Family Vacation Ideas

Are you planning a family vacation to France? Every corner of the country has its unique charm. So, you might have a hard time planning your travel itinerary, not wanting to miss out on the best regions here.

10 best places in France for Families:

1. Paris 

An impressive European capital, Paris abounds with graceful boulevards, architectural masterpieces, picturesque gardens, and unusual cultural museums.

Take in unique views of the city’s famous landmarks like the Notre Dame Cathedral as you take a cruise on the Seine River. 

Children are sure to love the ride on Tuileries Gardens’ old-time carousel. Also, make your family trip truly memorable by climbing up the Eiffel Tower and experiencing the captivating sights of Paris.

Eiffel Tower
Climb up the Eiffel Tower

2. Dordogne

Known for its primitive cave paintings and rock formations, the Dordogne region is also packed with beautiful gardens and castles. 

While the Lascaux Cave is full of beautiful paintings of animals, Les Grottes de Maxange Cave has thousands of unique rock formations. Dordogne has 1001 castles and fortresses. The region is full of villages, small and large. Generally, in Dordogne, you’ll find ancient castle ruins in the center of a village. 


3. Bordeaux City 

A beautiful, idyllic region of France, Bordeaux is most well-known for its wineries and top-grade wine labels. 

The city has over three hundred and fifty buildings grouped as ancient monuments, including Saint-Andrew Cathedral, and museums like the Museum of Aquitaine, portraying the history of Bordeaux. 

Bordeaux Cathedral
Bordeaux Cathedral

Bordeaux Cathedral, officially known as the Primatial Cathedral of St Andrew of Bordeaux (FrenchCathédrale-Primatiale Saint-André de Bordeaux), is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to Saint Andrew and located in BordeauxFrance. It is the seat of the Archbishop of Bordeaux. - Wikepedia
Also, at Quay Market, held each Sunday by the riverside (Garonne River), you’re sure to get a luxury hotel’s late morning meal, including:
  • oysters, 
  • cheeses, 
  • and wines, all at affordable prices.

4. Normandy 

A quaint countryside filled with forest, apple orchards, and cattle grazing fields, the region of Normandy lies in northern France. Mont Saint-Michel, a fascinating island, is one of Normandy’s prime tourist attractions. Indulge in long walks, horse riding, kayaking, fishing, and shopping around its magnificent abbey that belongs to the medieval period. If taking a pilgrimage is on your mind, wait till low tide to cross the bay on foot so that you can visit the beautiful Gothic abbey cathedral.

5. Loire Valley 

A dense, forested terrain, the Loire valley extends up to 280 kilometers and boasts amazingly rich cultures and traditions. 

The region has numerous country retreats from the late medieval period, namely, Château de Chambord and Château de Chenonceau

Château de Chenonceau
Château de Chenonceau

The Parc Mini-Châteaux, a miniature castle park in the town of Amboise, makes for a fantastic, kid-friendly destination. Situated in 2 hectares of woods, this delightful and instructive entertainment park features over forty models of Loire castle built to a ratio of 1/25.


6. Brittany  

A picture-perfect coastal region, Brittany portrays rich maritime traditions through its ancient port towns, namely, Saint-Malo, Nantes, and Concarneau. You can enjoy a luxury family vacation at Dinard, a modish beach resort, also called "Little Riviera." Also, at Prieuré Beach, you can take your toddler for a dip in the shallow waters.

A land of legends, Brittany has countless age-old fishing villages and has an intriguing local cuisine of seafood and buckwheat specialties. Savor the "kouign-Amann", a famous buttery pastry made here.

7. The Alsace Region 

Starkly different from other parts of France, the Alsace region, with its ancient cities and numerous villages, exudes an extraordinary old-world charm. The area has several brightly-painted and esteemed Gothic churches.

Explore the Alsatian city of Strasbourg through its narrow cobbled paths and picturesque canals. Colmar, a typical Alsatian town, is famous for impressive historic churches and old-fashioned houses having balconies decorated with flowers.
old-fashioned houses
Balconies decorated with flowers.

8. The French Alps 

With some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery, the French Alps attract plenty of families during summer for a variety of activities, such as,

What’s more, Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest snow-capped mountain, lies in the very Alps!

Explore the beautiful mountain villages of Chamonix and Annecy, just a short drive from the foothills of Mont Blanc. 

Visit Alpine spa towns, namely, Aix-les-Bains and Evian-les-Bain and experience the most relaxing vacation ever here.

9. Provence 

One of the most loved historic French regions, Provence is full of mesmerizing landscapes, chic towns, tranquil beaches, and friendly natives.

Explore Iles de Porquerolles, the breathtaking traffic-free islands in Provence. If your family is a bunch of history lovers, head straight to Nimes to see its amazing amphitheater. This historic structure is a Corinthian temple, over 2000 years old.
Visit France

10. Burgundy 

An idyllic landscape of thick forests and rolling hillocks, the region of Burgundy is full of architectural masterpieces belonging to the medieval and Renaissance periods, such as the Abbey of Cluny.

Make sure to visit the aristocratic palaces in the ancient town of Dijon and explore the attractive ancient town of Beaune.

Burgundy is also famous for its traditional cuisine that includes specialties like escargot made from edible snails, Beef Burgundy, and Coq au Vin, a chicken and wine preparation.

So, now you know some of the best destinations in France for your family vacation. Once you visit several attractive places, then all you need is a carte a gratter to store these priceless memories.

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