6 Steps To Keep House Dust-free And Manage Allergies

Steps To Keep Your House Dust-free And help Allergies

Keeping House Clean And Managing Allergies

Everybody loves to relax and enjoy their home on their days off without dust and allergies irritating them. No matter how much you clean there may be some dust left behind that can irritate your allergies. One piece of dust can hold pieces of a dead cockroach, mold, dead skin, and pet dander. Yes, that is nasty, but you never know what's laying around the house in that dust that can cause you to have allergy reactions. Who wants to be uncomfortable in their own home?

Well, let's look at some ways to help eliminate as much dust as possible in your home.

How To Keep Your House Clean To Help With Allergies?

Many times a house is filled with all kinds of beautiful home decor and furniture. Some may be wooden furniture. Unfortunately, that may cause some difficulties you didn't intend to have to deal with. The wood can accumulate dust that can cause problems for adults and children with allergies. It can be so time-consuming trying to keep it clean.

Even after trying to meticulously clean, there may be a film of dirt and grime still covering a lot of areas in the resident or business. It may be a dilemma that you wish you didn't have to deal with, but some ways can eliminate unwanted pollen, dirt, mold, pet hair, and more.

Here are some time-saving techniques that will assist you in having a healthy lifestyle; meanwhile, maintaining the dust, pollen, and mold from overrunning your residence.

6 Steps To Keep The House Dust-free And Manage Allergies

1- Eliminate The Dirt And Dust From Entering The House.

Aim to keep the dust and dirt out of your home by keeping the doors and windows shut. We know children run outside and leave the door open for all kinds of dust to blow into the house hiding on the furniture, walls, and floor. Of course, they can't be closed all the time but as much as possible.

Have you ever seen people take their shoes off time they enter the house? Well, that helps eliminate people from soiling allergy-causing debris all over the house. Make your house a shoe-free zone. It delivers comfort and protection from dust that contributes to allergies. Also, make sure to have a doormat at the entrance of your door to give your guests a chance to alleviate some of the dirt from their shoes before entering the house.

2- Eliminate Pet Hair and Dust

Limit your pets from in the house.

I know you love your pets, but you may have to limit your pets from coming into the house to help safeguard your home. Imagine all that hair that gets on your floors and you as you gently play with your cute little animal. I know you want to cuddle them, but if you or your loved ones have allergies, you have to be cautious. That adorable hair shedding on the floor can contribute to dust build-up. According to, American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
"Animal hair, fur and feathers. Pets can cause problems for allergic patients in several ways. Their dander (skin flakes), saliva and urine can cause an allergic reaction, especially when combined with household dust. In households with birds, feathers and bird droppings can also become embedded in household dust and cause problems for people who are allergic to them."
Try grooming animals outside.

Try grooming the animal outside, so it won't cause hair and dust to build up in the house.

3- Change The Sheets Regularly

Dead skin sheds off your body onto the sheets 

Did you know dead skin sheds off your body onto the sheets and pillowcases every day that can feed dust mites? Here are some steps to help eliminate that as much as possible.

  • Try using “mite-proof” covers on your pillows and mattresses to help protect them. 
  • Make sure to wash bed linens every week in hot water. Don't forget those comforters, pillow covers, pillows, and mattresses should be cleaned often as well.  
  • According to Martha Stewart,

"These comforter covers should be washed weekly-monthly if you use a top sheet-but you won't have to wash the comforter itself unless you spill something on it.

4- Use Vacuum And Air Purifiers For The House

Vacuum cleaners
Vacuum cleaners eliminate allergy-causing dust and debris. 
Vacuum cleaners are one of the most advantageous mechanisms for eliminating allergy-causing dust and debris. With the variety of types of vacuums, you can adequately clean your carpet, floor, and purify the air. Some even have a tool to remove pet hair and dust from your furniture.

Using a High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter can help give you allergy relief, as well. It is a mechanical air filter that drives air through a little screen that catches harmful particles; such as pet dander, pollen, dust, and other allergens. HEPA-equipped vacuums help to make sure that the microscopic pieces are not released back into the atmosphere again. They are a great benefit for a person with allergies. 

While you're at it, invest in an air purifier for the rest of the house. Make sure it also comes with a HEPA filter. 

5- Remove The Carpet

    When visitors walk into the house, carpeting can signify a very elegant statement, and it helps promote exquisite decor in the home. Unfortunately, carpet can be a breeding ground for dust; therefore, making it very high maintenance to take care of. No matter how much you vacuum it daily, dust that can irritate your allergies seems to pop up. 

    Replace the carpet with hardwood

    Try removing the carpeting from the floor and replacing it with hardwood, linoleum, tile, or vinyl, among other options.

    6- Discard Of Old Paper And Material

    Accumulating old newspapers and fabrics can tend to contribute to dust buildup. Don't let old magazines, newspapers, or books pile up collecting dust and leaving hiding places for bugs.

    If you have clothes that you are not wearing at the time because they are out of season, try storing them in a storage box to keep the dust from accumulating. Be sure to give away or donate items you don't need, but someone else can use them. Why let it collect dust if it can be a blessing to someone else.

    There is no way possible to eliminate all of the dust and debris that aggravates some hypersensitivities, but these incredible tips can help eradicate most of the undesired particles from your home.

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