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Tips To Improve Your 
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Whether you are satisfied with your career or not, improvements are always possible by improving your administrative skills. Previously it was customary for you as an employee to (partly) place the development of your career with the employer. You worked hard, it was noticed and then you got a promotion or another position.
If you were not satisfied, you would talk to the employer and try to work it out together. People were so loyal that leaving the employer was often the last option.

It was also less common to choose and reimburse courses, training, and education. Especially if these were not related to the work you did.
The times have now changed. For a very long time, people in the workplace held the same position/worked for their employer for 5 years on average. It would not surprise me if this average is now much lower.

Career Management

It is now also the case that employees are expected to take control of their careers. They determine the course much more themselves and ensure that they continue to develop and develop. About career management, there is, therefore, a shift from a passive attitude to an active attitude in which you take control and control.
Another development in the labor market is that there are more flexible contract forms that ensure that you as an employee cannot sit back. Many employees also have talents and interests in several areas, so that you get more and more people with combination positions with two different employers or that they are also entrepreneurs in addition to their permanent job.
The labor market and the wishes of everyone who goes there are diverse and complex. Something that especially starters on the labor market is not sufficiently prepared for during their studies, but also something that the 45+ generation has a lot of difficulty with. After all, it is a change in what they are used to.

Determine the course of your career

So there you are; You must determine the course of your career yourself. Intended goals and wishes are entirely in your own hands and direction. You regularly do not understand what the labor market expects from you and you do not always know what you want.
  • You work yourself three rounds, get stuck, get stressed out, or burn out. 
  • Another option is that you suffer very quietly from the equally dangerous variant: the bore out.

In this blog I do not offer you a solution to your problem, unfortunately, I do not have it in my possession. What I can offer you are 7 tips that are simpler than they seem.
7 tips that you can use to improve your career and with which you determine the direction and course yourself. You have to put some effort into it, but you also get a lot in return; namely, the career that you want and where you are responsible for the successes that you achieve.

The 7 tips to improve your administrative skills for your career growth.

administrative skills
Improve your administrative skills 

1. Keep learning and developing:

It may sound like a cliché and yet it is. Make sure that you continue to discover and develop new skills and talents. Sign up for new projects or additional tasks. Stay up to date with the trends in your industry and dare to discuss them within your company. Come up with specific suggestions/ideas that your department or company can implement to better respond to what is happening in the relevant market. 

You can also follow webinars and podcasts, read books, follow courses for free via Coursera and follow an in-depth course or training so that you can also follow new developments and apply them in your work.

2. Set goals:

What do you want to achieve in life and your career? The emphasis is on you and not on what your parents, teachers, family or friends, and society expect from you. It is about your dreams, wishes, passions, and/or motives. Find out what you want and determine your goals based on this.

3. Become a member of an association:

Many professions/branches have their association. The benefits of an association are diverse. If you are a member, you can often receive recognition or certification that you meet the requirements of the profession. This makes you attractive to employers and clients because they can assume that you are a true professional and know what you are doing. 

Also, associations themselves keep track of all trends and developments in the trade or branch and you will be informed of this. This saves you time and research. To include their members in all developments, they often also organize courses, masterclasses, Webinars, and meetings. Often these are free and you get the chance to meet colleagues.

4. Networks:

So much has been written about networking and whether you like it or not, it's important to network. Networking can be tricky, I admit. I am not a star in it myself, because I do not always feel like it. But if I reflect on my career, I must admit that networking has brought me a lot.

Networking does not only mean that you go to all kinds of drinks and events. It is also possible in an easily accessible way. For example, becoming a member of an association, but also cherishing relationships that have arisen from your work.
If you always go the extra mile for your customers and colleagues, they will appreciate this in most cases. This will always stay with them, making them a valued network contact. If you also maintain these contacts, networking becomes easier.

Tips for HR Management
Collaborate with your network


5. Research your 'market value':

I can imagine that this sounds a bit strange because it sounds like you are an item or product being sold on the market. What this means is that it is important to know where you stand in the labor market.

Are your skills and knowledge still relevant and sufficient to be able to work elsewhere or in a different position? 

For example, if you desire to be an HR manager, there are certain skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in Human Resource management.

  • Do you Communicate effectively?
  • Can you Serve the employee?
  • Can you be consistent?
  • Can you act as a conciliator?
  • Can you internalize the strategy of the company?
  • Can you be willing to constantly learn?

You need to examine how attractive you are to other employers. You can do this by, for example, starting a network interview or by applying for other positions at other employers.

What you can also investigate is whether you earn enough. If, for example, you earn less than what is customary in your profession, you can discuss this with your employer so that you can earn what you are worth.

6. Do or learn something completely different:

Examples are 
  • learning to play a musical instrument
  • starting with painting lessons or dance lessons
  • writing a book 
  • boxing 
  • or learning martial arts. 
In short, do something outside your comfort zone that is not directly related to your work. This allows you to discover and develop new skills and get to know other people so that your network expands and becomes more diverse.

7. Start a 'side hustle':

For the people who don't know yet; a 'side hustle' is a part-time job or part-time company in addition to your permanent job. We all have talents and skills that we cannot always fully use in our profession. Because of this, you can be dissatisfied with your career, and improve your administrative skills by administrative courses, because you cannot lose all your energy, enthusiasm or passion.
By using these skills or turning them into a side hustle you get more out of your career because you experience more job happiness and satisfaction. You also learn new things about yourself that help you to develop further.

Author: I am Amy Jo from Zoe Talent Solutions and I am working under the team content writer. The fact is that I create online courses related to administration courses, management training courses, personality development courses, and customer service courses. Our entire team is very passionate about Management Skills and we always strive to offer you professional, comprehensive info about any Business Management Skills. I encourage readers to share their ideas and tips too.

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