10 Types Of Content Marketing You Need To Know

Content Marketing
Content Marketing You Need To Know

10 Types Of Content Marketing Strategies

The future of content marketing is guaranteed. The content is used as a conversion, engagement, and retention engine. Below, we've separated 10 variations of content to help you decide which methods can boost your content marketing strategy.

1. Blog post

The blog post is still the first thing that comes to mind when we think about content marketing, right? It is essential and is the most disseminated type of content, it works, attracts visitors to your blog, promotes the message that your brand has to pass, and reinforces your company's presence, both online and offline.

Some businesses write their own blog, and others may invite a blogger to write about their art show, fashion show, etc.

2. Guest post

As important as writing texts for your blog, it is writing posts for other portals in the same segment. Making guest posts is a unique and effective strategy to increase the number of readers of your blog. 

When you write articles for other websites, your content is presented to new audiences, and you automatically expand your brand presence. That is, it serves to gain new readers for your blog and possible prospects.

3. Infographic

An infographic is the presentation of information or data in a visual way. It is a powerful type of image that has grown increasingly in the way B2B companies disseminate their content. A good infographic with detailed and visually attractive information makes the learning process much easier and faster. 

An infographic is the presentation of information in a visual way.

This type of content is highly shareable on social media, more than any other content. Its viral potential serves to increase user engagement with your brand.

4. Webinar

It can be done anywhere and does not require a lot of technology. It's like a lecture broadcast via streaming and live. A relevant topic is chosen for your audience, and a specialist from your company conducts the webinar. 

You can invite an industry professional who is not from your company as well. To have access to the link for this event, the user must leave their data on a landing page. Therefore, the webinar is for conversion.

5. Ebook

An ebook is a longer and deeper type of content, with more information than a post, designed to capture the reader's attention and made available on a landing page and in PDF format. 

They are usually made available in exchange for user data, such as email, job title, and the name of the company you work for. Producing ebooks helps to strengthen your authority in your business and to share your company's expertise with others.

6. White paper

This material is a slightly smaller ebook. Not so deep, about five or six pages long, and to be read in less time. It also works for conversion and leads capture.

7. Guide

Whether in the form of a video, blog post, series of photos, or tutorials, the guides attract readers and give your company the chance to show the organization's expertise in any topic. 

Use the guide to show the audience 

  • how to complete a project, 
  • teach new skills, 
  • or put some tips into practice.

8. Success story

Showing the value of your product or service through facts and tangible data is a perfect way to demonstrate what your company offers. Cases usually address the problems that their customers had before using the solution offered by their organization and how they managed to help them solve them. They are a perfect example of funnel bottom material.
A variety of types of businesses can use showing their success stories as part of their marketing plan. Some examples of those businesses are
  • Dermatologist: Before and after skincare improvements.
  • Dentist: Before and after crowns, braces, or cosmetic dentistry.
  • Hairstylist: Before and after hair growth or hair extensions.
  • Etc.

9. Videos

Several video formats can be recorded to engage users. Whichever is chosen, he needs to communicate a message succinctly and memorably. A well-made video can be quite persuasive. 
Vary the videos with interviews, demos, guides, and any other content that you want to communicate clearly and in the way of your company. 

You can publish video content to bring brand awareness on:

TikTok video
Inveigle Magazine's video on TikTok

You can use video editing software, in order to generate subtitles, blend pictures and sound, add audio, overlay pictures, and much more.

What tools are used for video editing?

  • Shotcut: For Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • iMovie: Create cinema-quality videos
  • Windows 10 Video Editor: You can add animated 3D effects.
  • InVideo: Has over 5000+ templates
  • Lightworks: For social media creators, educators, corporations, broadcasters, and filmmakers.

10. Images

About 93% of communication is non-verbal, according to a psychologist. This means that almost everything you would like to say to your target audience happens without even having to use words. With powerful images, illustrations, and graphics, you have a real opportunity to impact your readers, amplify your message, develop an idea, and gain the attention of users.

Some Tools for Content Marketing

1- Canva

Canva is one of those services that change your life forever. Anyone can make a beautiful Facebook cover or a wedding invitation. It is aimed at professional designers or curious amateurs.
Canva Infographic
Ideas for better writing

I made an example in five minutes to show you. This is the layout for the poster of films, plays, and cultural presentations.

 2- Buzzsumo

There is no article on my blog that goes on the air without first looking at Buzzsumo. He scans social media to show which posts on a given topic are currently pumping.

3- Portent's Content - Ideas Generator

Do you have no idea of content? Do you need to make five agenda suggestions to your boss and can't think of anything?
This service helps to clear your head on foggy days. It gives you hundreds of titles on the topic you want. The texts follow the mold of those sentences that are responsible for virtualizing content, provoking the reader.
It can be used in conjunction with Link Bait Generator, a generator of those hunting click titles that can instigate your audience.
But use it wisely, and remember that your content must match the title. If you promise that the person will retire in a week, assume those consequences.

4- Bigvu Teleprompter

I have met incredible entrepreneurs in all these years that I offer help to anyone who wants to leverage a business.
Intelligent people who thought about every point of the company's strategy. But they couldn't do one thing: communicate clearly when the camera turned on.
Maintaining a dialogue with your audience is critical to success. Creates empathy with the brand and builds customer loyalty
But what to do when you choke and curl up when making a video for your social network?
One program that helped a lot of people with the Teleprompter, is the device that the newspaper's presenter uses to read the text without making a mistake while looking at the camera.
Here you can read a text without worrying about making mistakes while the cell phone camera keeps recording. Try it out, and then post what you think here in the comments.

5- Animaker

A great option to create animated videos. The site offers more than 40 templates ready for you to put together a video that will impress your audience.
In other words, you don't have to go to Twitter to publish something, then go to Facebook and Instagram to disseminate content. Just schedule on this tool that it publishes for you.

5. AI

When deciding on your marketing strategy, ensure all content is relevant and up to date because search engines are looking for quality information. Remember google is now able to understand a variety of content; such as audio, image, and video content.

Author: I am Sumiya Sha, a content writer for CheapCustom Papers. Our goal is to hire an expert who has a good command of English. We check if the candidates are familiar with the variety of citation styles, and evaluate every single point of the writers' abilities to choose only talented and reliable candidates.

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