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A Work Of Art With Fashion Style

This fashion designer creates beautiful, exclusive pieces that mesmerize your eyes as you glance at the unique way they originated. Each piece is created with stunning artwork. Its clothing has beautiful artistic designs to give a gorgeous creative look to the modern-day fashion styles.

Take a look at this stunning, artistic, and chic dress by Rdress below. It appears to flow so beautifully as she stands in the masterpiece of the design. Why not show a little of your feminine style with a beautiful matching scarf draping your body with elegance and sophistication.

artistic fashion style
A work of art with Fashion Style

Why not wear a work of art? After all, you are a masterpiece.

Rdress fashion style
Take a glance back and capture the seduction of dress

There's no looking back now! Unless you are looking backward to see all eyes watching you, as you are admired from afar. The print of the creative artwork is unique and sets the dress style apart from the next brilliant design.

Rdress on Inveigle Magazine
Be mesmerized and intrigued while they admire your style.

About Rdress

Let's learn a little more about Rdress.
Our brand born in 2013 with the clear intention to transfer the artwork of our artist, "RaffaelaPictures" [www.raffaelapictures.com] from the paintings of her production to high manufacturing clothes, allowing to dress up at last an original artwork. 
Our artistic and production philosophy is based on Oscar Wilde's aphorism: "... if you can not be a work of art, then you will need to wear it ...". 
The choice of the garment it also goes to the work of wearable art choice between the proposals of our artists. 
Those who choose Rdress, certainly constitute a very exclusive club, where sensitivity to art and absolute beauty, is a must. All our clothes are handmade in Italy and Switzerland. Each step of the design and construction maintained by craftsmen with high qualifications and long experience. Prints on natural fabrics that we use are absolutely Allergy-Free with water-based inks and pigments, guaranteed more than 100 years. Our models become unique and unrepeatable garments. Each dress is accompanied by its packaging in custom boxes, made by Italian artisans, a certificate of ownership with a serial number and a certificate of authenticity of the artwork used to make the garment. There is only a piece of clothing for each customer. There will never be identical copies for other customers. We keep a small part of the piece of each fabric printed product, in special archive, served for repairs or replacement required. Every item, finally, is signed by our chief Luca Martini, making it definitely an original garment in every aspect. Our customers are always at the top of our pyramid of interest, their need is evaluated and subsequently realized.  - With Best Compliments LucaMartini company

Ready or not, here I come
Ready or not, the world is waiting for you to take over with just the right fashion style intended for you. So be enthusiastic and fashionable when you walk outside to enjoy the fresh air at any event. Make sure you stay in style with whatever you decide to wear.

Women Fashion design
Fashion for stylish women

Have a blessed and wonderful day staying stylish in your fashion trends

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